Video delay viewing Livestream and during playback

I have been experiencing a 25 sec delay viewing livestream video on my Cam V2 & V3 with my Samsung Android phone with Android 11
I have the latest version of Wyze Android App and Cam firmware installed. Viewing Playback video I also experience a long delay when moving backward and forward with the recorded video.
Interesting with my older motorola & android 7.1.1 I only experience a 10 sec video delay.
I reached out to support and they offered a few basic things to try that did not help. I sent a Log a few days ago but have not heard back.
Has anyone else experienced a video delay like this? It makes it hard to adjust the Aim of my Cams.
I never had this issue until the last few months and it has continued with at least two firmware updates and Wyze App updates.

The Android App has a setting in Account → App Settings → Enable Hardware Decoder that will shift video processing of live stream and playback to the device’s onboard Graphic Processor Chip.

I have found it to be absolutely invaluable for maintaining fluid video, especially with the V3Pro.

Give it a try.

Thank-you, You Nailed It
Hardware decoder was off on both devices and once enabled the delay was gone.

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Awesome! Glad you found a solution!

Glad you got it working right. However for future reference, please don’t use this term:

Post the actual versions. It changes often enough that “the latest version” may be outdated half an hour after you make the post - especially if you are a beta tester.