Is a 2 to 10 second delay in live stream normal for a v1 Cam

Is a 2 to 10 second delay in live stream normal for a v1 Cam?

I had an old v1 cam from back before Wyse realized there would be any versions to keep track of. I had been using it, then I got a couple of Pans and I didn’t need the Cam so I had set it aside. I recently ran across it and decided to hook it up just to see what I could do with it.

When I set it up it works but there is at least a 2 second delay in the feed at its best, most of the time the delay is 7-10 seconds. Occasionally the cam just freezes. I know that I had been using it on HD without any problems before. I set it down to SD to see if that would help, but there was no improvement. There isn’t any noticeable delay with either of the two Pan v1 cameras that I have running.

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I am not experiencing that much of a delay so I would say it is probably not normal. Could you tell me what app version you are running and what firmware version is on the cam?

The camera is running firmware, showing a signal strength of 3 bars according to the app.
The app is v2.49.4 (402)

See if enabling/disabling Hardware Encoding in the app makes any difference.

Wyze App → Account Tab → App Settings → Enable Hardware Decoder