Upload speed

I only have 3 mbps upload speed ( 2.8 after speed test). Will this support 3 cameras and wyze sense and a couple wyze bulbs?
I have one camera set at 360p and I have no problem with that. The next tier up from cable company is 5 mbps , not that much of increase ( in my opinion) and I don’t think I need any more download speed
I’m just worried if I get more cameras I’ll need a lot more upload speed

Only if you’re watching them all at once from a remote location, or if they are all sending clips up to the cloud at the same time.

Short rule of thumb - allow 1 mbps per simultaneous HD cam stream to the outside world.

Long answer:

It depends on 1) how much simultaneous streaming you are doing, 2) at what resolution it is, and 3) how much other traffic is on the network.

1 mbps = 125 KB/sec - which is the scale that shows in the Wyze stream view window.

An SD stream is usually about 50-70 KB/s, and HD us usually about 100 KB/s, but I have seen them spike higher. Just watch awhile to get an idea.

Odds are not all of your cams will be streaming at once, but only you will know the chances of that, based on placement, etc…

Don’t forget that recording to the SD card is not streaming until you are watching it.

Also viewing streams within your LAN is a whole different thing that is based on your LAN speed.

I don’t know how much traffic the Sense and Bulbs generate, but don’t think it is too much by comparison.

Hope this helps, or someone provides better info! :slightly_smiling_face:


I have 1 Pan camera on a 0.5 mbps upload connection. It works fairly well as far as video quality. It’s slow to respond to pan movements.


I think I’m worrying over nothing then. I guess that’s what happens when you have too much time on your hands. I’m going to get a couple more cameras and see.
As Ben Carson said why speculate when we can know for sure ( or something like that).

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