If wifi speed an issue when using the SD card?

Living out in the country, our options for internet service are limited, specifically ONE option, DSL. That being the case, our download speeds are awful. For that reason, using other brand cams dumping video to the cloud is pretty much out of the question.

If I use the Wyze cam with SD card, does this negate the issue of the slow DSL?

Negate, no. Help, yes.

Viewing what’s been recorded on the SD card when outside your home will be no better than viewing the live stream. Your home download speed isn’t as important as the upload speed in this regard. But I’m guessing that’s also poor with the DSL. The recommended upload speed is 1.0 Mbps for SD and 1.5 Mbps for HD. With a V2 or Pan Cam, you can run it in 360p mode which would not require as much upload speed. The downside is that the SD card will also be recorded in 360p in this mode.

The good news is that viewing the playback of the SD card video when within your home network will not be affected by your interest speed. That is how the SD card can help. It can be recording while you’re away, and then viewed at “full speed” when you are back home.

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Just an FYI…I have 15 down and 5 up with my ISP. There are times when the upload can be an issue, but for the most part my cameras work pretty well with my connection.

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So watching 12-second clips at home or watching live stream or the memory card from outside your network will be affected by your Internet speed.

Watching live stream or the memory card at home will be affected by the speed of your router. If you have an old 802.11g router, you may find issues if you have a lot happening on your network. I don’t recommend anyone have G routers any more, replace them with an N or above router (AC) ASAP. Especially if you are streaming a lot of video or performing downloads or backups on your network.