UI/Feature Request: Change KB/s to kb/s (or kbit/s)

At the upper-left corner of the Wyze app video window is an indication of the real-time video data rate, labelled as “KB/s”. In the IT world, a capital-B generally refers to bytes. However, the norm for measuring/reporting data transfer speeds is bits per second, not bytes. As recommended by various standards bodies (both SI and ISQ), the proper way to display data rate is “kb/s”, or to remove any ambiguity “kbit/s”. A common abbreviation is “kbps”. To conform to standards and avoid any confusion, Wyze should change the measure displayed on the Live Stream and Playback screens from “KB/s” to “kb/s” or “kbps”.

Reference: Data-rate units - Wikipedia

The norm for data rates depends on the context.

In a user context bytes is more common and arguably a more useful metric than bits since it directly relates to how bandwidth usage and computer storage is measured (in megabytes or gigabytes), i.e. how much data is being transferred and how much space is it taking up once it’s here.

In an IT context bits is more useful because it directly relates to how bandwidth capacity is measured (in megabits or gigabits), i.e. how much of my transfer capacity is being allocated at this time and how might that affect or be affected by other services that share this connection?

I don’t think KB/s is the wrong choice for an app that has home users in mind. But I’m all for adding advanced controls and giving the end user choices, so a setting to toggle between KB/s or kbps would be nice too.

I agree that data transfer rates are almost always specified in bits (or kilo bit, or mega bits, or giga bits). I was a little surprised at the “low” data rate when I first got my first two cameras until I noticed that it was capital B. Verified with one of my network switches and confirmed that it really is reporting Bytes per second and not bits.