Can someone explain what KB/s actually means?

So I thought I understood how KB/a works but now I’m not so sure. When live streaming or accessing the SD card it represents my connection to the camera right? Does this impact the cameras recording quality to the clue or SD card?

I’ve noticed when checking events in the cloud the video is often better then what I am able to see on the SD card while it is in the camera (I don’t own an SD card reader currently) is this normal? Would the footage on the SD card be better if I could pull the card and access it directly?

Thanks for any answers.

The abbreviation “KB/s” stands for kilobytes per second. kilobytes are a way of measuring how much data is being transferred. More information here:

Is this better video quality? It may depend on the type of SD card that you have in your camera. If you’re talking about speed, that’s because the app needs to connect to your camera in order to view the footage and the app not has to connect to Wyze’s servers for cloud footage. You’re internet speed and connection will change the outcome for all of the above.

Nope, it’s Kilobytes per second. You have to multiply by 8 to get the equivalent Kilobits per second (Kbps). Not sure why Wyze expresses it this way but it can be confusing.


It can be very confusing KB/s = Kilobytes per second, kb/s = kilobits per second. Very easy mistake and I am not sure why they do it that way either.