Different KB/s thru 24 hours?

So have an odd question, i have noticed that the KB/s varied thru the day and night, not just the average between 80 and 120 without the camera moving as it is fixed on one part of the yard, but what i notice is when the sun is out with no clouds and the scene is very bright the KB/s are very low, 10 to 20, but when it is cloudy or night, the are higher in the 80 to 120. I tried to use night mode during the same bright day scene and it jumps right back up to over 100, also tried in auto mode while it was in the 10 to 20 range and panned up to get more of the sky and the scene darken and the KB/s jumped back up over 100.

Anyone else have similar things happen when you look i the android app?

The less movement and pixel change in the scene, the lower the data rate will be due to the images being compressed. For a static scene in bight light, probably not that many pixels changing from moment to moment. In low light, probably more shadows moving around making for more pixel changes and hence a higher data rate. Cloud will produce the same effect as the clouds moving around cause a lot of lighting level changes.

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ok, thanks for the reply, i assume that this only reflects during live view on the app, not reviewing of recorded on sd card. it does make it a little undesirable if viewing live view on the app to look at something specific, for the data rate is too low and struggle to make out details in the picture. but not sure how many others may have this, so it would maybe not be a large issue causing problems with users

No, it does apply to playback from the SD card as well since the SD card video is recorded with the same compression settings as the live view. You may want to experiment with changing among HD/SD/360p to see which is the best compromise between picture quality and data rate.