Weirdness in compression algorithm

I’ve got 6 camera’s, and one in my backyard when in HD mode only transmits at very low bit-rate, a highly compressed image. Mostly grass, and a cement patio, there’s not a lot of movement in this area of the yard. Wifi-signal is very strong, SD card installed as well. When in HD/Night mode it streams beutiful and clear, 100 kb/s. When in 360P mode it streams 50-80 KB/S and is pretty clear (as clear as 360 can be) and smooth, SD and HD work like crap though. blocky, smudge, low frame rate. I even replaced the camera and have the exact same behavior, and it’s clearly not related to connection as turning on night vision immediately starts pumping out a clean image. Best I can tell, the camera’s compression algo is doing something “Weird” with this particular scene. Nothing wrong with the hardware/connection. I just run the camera in 360p now, works well enough.

Edit: forgot to add, in HD mode when there is alot of movement the KB/S will spike upwards to capture this, still pretty ugly picture though.

it could be possible that the Wifi signal is weak, so the camera decides to compress it more.