Day time low quality image Night time is perfect

Trying to troubleshoot a weird issue I have. During daytime my video during live stream and events is 1-16KB/s and looks choppy. If I switch it to night time it’s perfect at 100KB/s. Why is this and can I force a bit rate / imrpove the quality. It is set to HD. I have tried restarting the cameras and even moved an appointment closer to test.

Observations SD setting does 100KB/s. HD does 10KB/s. 360p does 60KB/s. The quality is in line with each setting but HD appears to be worse and less quality. I am using the 2.0 app on Android incase it is related to the update?


I have just the opposite problem. How can I make the nighttime image brighter.

I have the exact same problem, it’s baffling. Wi-Fi signal strength is good, and lower quality settings stream at 100+ KB, HD night mode is 100+, but HD regular is like 10-35 KB and poor quality.