No stream during daylight

My cam is at a remote location. Slow upload speeds. Pointed outside. Will not stream an image during daylight. Works fine at night. Saves and plays back the 12 seconds for alerts just fine during daylight.

Here’s the only think I can think of that might cause this, and it might be a long shot… The data rate at night might be lower because more areas of the image are the same color allowing for greater data compression. In daylight, it might take more bandwidth to transmit the stream and with your limited upload speeds, it is getting hung up.

If you have not already, try switching the camera from HD to SD mode. This will lower the bandwidth requirement without degrading the image a whole lot. See if it will stream in daylight in SD mode.

Thanks. I already switched to SD mode which does not help. The odd thing is that it worked perfectly until the latest firmware update. I now see another thread about problems with the live stream since the firmware update.