Higher Bandwidth on SD than HD?

Hey All, I have one of the cameras pointed down my driveway, but its outside, which is a little harder for the wifi, but it says it have great signal (94%).
but when i switch from HD to SD my bitrate goes up. image looks the same basically but im getting 90-110kbps. when i switch back to HD, it drops to sub 25kbps. during the day…

its also the most compressed looking of all my cameras, really muddy looking. i know a bit of that is that its looking at a fairly big open space but man, i wish i could get a little more detail out of this thing.

I don’t know how to assist you but I wanted to say that you have a great camera location that really provides a good view of your property. How did you get power all the way out there?

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Its literally out of my bedroom window :smiley:

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