Kb/s per second, MicroSD Viewing & Other

  1. What is the Kbs at the top for? Upload or download ? Mine fluctuates between 80-180kbs… I have fast internet speeds. Everything in my house uses the 5GHZ band but I put the Wyze on 2.4

  2. A lot of people use 2.4 I assume there’s congestions with channels…? If change the channel and increase the speed how does this benefit me? Does it have anything to do with how quickly a file Is uploaded… I have microsds so I care about quality.

  3. Can I use my phone on the 5GHz band and still have wyze work on the 2.4 one I have a dual band router.

  4. I want to buy another wyze strictly for video recording of amatuer films for YouTube’s like unboxings is this applicable?

  5. Finally I want 3 in total, not counting the first one I just got. 2 for security & another one just soley to use as a web cam and videos of myself like unboxings. Is there anyway to disable the cloud. May I use this strictly locally and like a regular camera


  1. It is the upstream data rate. (BTW, Wyzecam only works on 2.4GHz)
  2. I doubt you will see a difference on another channel. Without removing the mSD card from the camera, you can only save that video by recording real time during playback. It would be faster to pull the card from the camera and transfer the files to the computer. The video on the card is recorded in separate 60 second files, so you will need to merge them together if you pull them off the card.
  3. Yes.
  4. There may be better solutions for this (like a tripod for your phone).
  5. Yes, you simply turn off motion, sound, smoke and CO alerts in the settings.

Using it as a stand alone cam wireless with just to video and take photos. Will my privacy be intact. Does wyze send data to servers or other clouds of confidential info? Also, lets say i want to use it just as MicroSD with WYZE still being connected to internet in GENERAL will there be any “Spy” servers watching over my video confidential data? (Files won’t be monitored or uploaded anywhere)

Using a tripod, amazon sent me a knockoff instead of the real one which i didn’t realize. Busted my phone costed me $250 to fix galaxy s8+ :confused:

Right now can i just PULL the microsd out and view the files, wouldnt that interupt recording? Whats the method to removing it safely to view files then resume continous recoding.

What is upstream data rate? is that my ISP upload speed? Is that for the cloud storage? Is that how fast files are being compressed/processed.

Sorry for the negligent questions.