Add Night Vision Mode icon to live stream display for new cam types

Add button to live stream display to easily switch between night vision modes (like all other cams types) without having to go into Advanced Settings. Cam v3 example:

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A workaround is to go into the Timelapse screen, a night vision toggle is available in there for whatever reason.

Still 1 too many clicks, but better than going through settings

NOTE: the OG cam doesn’t have this :expressionless:

The new pan cam v3 is great but needs a simple interface change that the other cams have. The new toggle for infrared Illuminator on/off/auto is no longer available at the camera view level and can only be accessed deep into advanced settings. Add this back at the same level as the V3 cams’ interface. Thanks.


Bring back the NV Status \ Toggle button to the Live Stream UI! It was so useful to quickly toggle the cam to check for a better image.

It can be placed beside the cam name at the top like it is in the Timelapse UI for the V3Pro and the PanV3. At a minimum, just add it to the Toolbar. Just so it’s on the Live Stream UI.