Wyze OG Interface

I love this new Wyze Cam OG but I absolutely HATE the new interface. For me, it does not go back to the recorded event, it goes a few seconds AHEAD of the recorded event. This is very inconvenient since the scrolling on the new interface is also a pain to use.

Is there a way to go back to the old interface, or an option atleast? Am I doing something wrong?


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Some people really like the new interface, some people don’t like it. You have no choice at this time.
Personally I an not fond of it at all…

Can you provide some more details?

Are you referring to the Recent Events listed in the Live Stream UI or the timeline within the SD Card Playback UI?

Do you have Continuous Recording enabled or Motion Event Recording within the SD Card Recording Settings?

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Well, what I mean is when I am looking on the Events list, see something the OG recorded due to sound/motion, and the timer going ahead of the actual event. At this point, I have to manually rewind the footage, and that is very difficult to do.

I have my SD card recording continuously, but can still view detected events.

To me, the new interface isnt as useful as the original and I wish they would change it back since that recorded timer was much easier to use.

I just took a look at my OG cams. I rarely use the Live Stream Recent Events Viewer\Player because I prefer the Events Tab where I can see all my cams filtered by event type.

But, when I do select one of the OG events in the Live View UI, it loads that event and plays it from the 00:00 time point to the end of the video clip. The timer bar is advancing at the same rate as the video timestamp. I get no video play lag. I can’t reproduce it. But, I am also running the Beta App with Hardware Decoder enabled in Android on a very strong Mesh network.

It sounds to me like the timer is starting in the app but the video stream is lagging, either because of a slow network connection or a video buffering issue.

Is the firmware and app up to date? Are you on Android or iOS?

I just checked and everything is up to date, no problems there. I will try resetting my phone and see if that helps.

I am on Android, Samsung.

In your app, go to Account, App Settings, and enable the toggle for “Enable Hardware Decoder”. See if that helps.

Thanks, Ill try it out.

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