Wyze OG time lapse

When I go to look at events on my app using the wise OG camera everything is in slow motion how do I turn this crap off is totally useless and slow motion no sounds are inaudible and it takes forever for a car to drive by

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Is it when you are viewing the Time Lapse Video that was created by the cam that it looks like it is in slow motion? Viewing it from within the Album within the App or from a Video Player App on the phone?

Or is it in slow motion when you open the cam and view the Live Stream?

Or are the uploaded Events in the Events tab playing in slow motion?

In the events on the app. When I jump to the SD card.

Those are two different things.

The Events that are listed in the Events tab are events that were recorded and uploaded to your account on the Wyze Cloud Server.

When you click “Playback” at the bottom of the page, it then takes you to that event time on the SD Card recorded footage.

You can also get to the SD Card recorded footage by clicking the “SD Card” icon in the Live Stream.

None of these, Events Viewer, SD Playback Viewer, or Live Stream Viewer, are related to the Time Lapse feature as the title of your topic suggests.

The stream quality can be affected by the signal strength of the WiFi to the cam as well as your network quality. Make sure the OG Cam has good signal strength.

Make sure your App and your Firmware are up to date.

In the App, go to Account in the lower right, then App Settings. Enable the Hardware Decoder feature and see if that helps with your Event Stream and SD Playback Stream.

I do not have access to the wyze clouds therefore that’s not it . when I bring up the camera and I pick an event I do go jump to SD card it pretty much automatically goes into slow motion and I have not found a way to stop that feature from happening any clues?

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You do have access to the Wyze Cloud. Every account does. While you may not have a subscription, all Events are saved on and displayed from the Wyze Cloud. If you do not have a subscription, the Cloud Uploaded and Saved Events will be a single Thumbnail Snapshot Image. If you have Cam Plus assigned to the cam, they will be full length video.

Because you are using the “Jump to SD” button, it sounds like you are viewing the Cloud Uploaded, Server Saved, Event Videos from the “Recent Events” list in the Live Stream Viewer.

Please try this and see if you get the same SD Playback results: Go to the Events Tab, find the same event that you were trying to view from the SD Card, and press the Playback SD Card icon at the bottom. Does the video from the SD Card still play in slow motion?

Did the Hardware Decoder toggle help?

Have you cleared the cache in the app, signed out, closed the app, force close the app in the OS, unplugged the cams for 30s, restart phone, plug cams back in, sign into app, and test?

What version of the app and firmware are you running?

Could you provide a screen recording of the whole process? From opening the app to viewing the slow motion video. Thanks.