Wyze Cam OG - Time Lapse don't work

Wyze Cam Go
I can’t get this camera to make a Time Lapse.
See the picture !
I create a Time Lapse that is under 30 sec., and with START NOW
After END TIME nothing has been recorded.
When I select “Album”, there are no files, but if I look at SD cards I can see that there is something on the card.

What am I doing wrong ?

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You’re screen captures do not indicate that you set a TimeLapse.

BTW, it’s the Cam OG - not Go.

I tested this on my OG. Unfortunately, some bugs have been discovered.

I was successful at creating a Timelapse on an OG-S running 1.0.71

When going to the Album, if the Timelapse has NOT yet been downloaded from the cam, the Timelapse card will NOT show an image. Click it anyway.

The Timelapse will show as available for Download. Click it.

The Timelapse will download.

It will then show as available to open and play.


If you go back to the Album, now that the Timelapse has been downloaded, it will show the snapshot image indicating a Timelapse has been downloaded.

Note: The OG Cam is not saving the downloaded Timelapse to the default gallery (DCIM)…Bug #2. It appears to be saving the file to a protected file path in the Android > Data area. Unfortunately, due to the Genius that is Google and Android, users no longer have access to view files in this OS Protected area even on Rooted phones.

Since there is no way to access the download file path folder nor a functional Share button to redirect saving to a different folder, it appears that there is no way to access a downloaded Timelapse from the OG short of watching it in the Album.

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