New v2 cam does not trigger on any events

I have an older black v2 that works fine. 2 new white ones will not trigger. All are on most recent firmware.

Which firmware? Have you restarted your cameras and app since the last firmware upgrade? What triggers do you want to happen that arnt? Need as much info as you can give, settings, setups, etc, more than just the color of the cameras. :). Photos of the camera view will help too if possible. But most important, need more info otherwise your going to get many many answers to many possible issues, so any help narrowing it down will help. Thanks!

Okay will pull that together then respond again.

Note that the first one I purchased (black) works fine and does everything it should. wave in the cam view and the rectangles see the movement immediately. the most recent two do nothing, set up the same as the original black one.

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have powered down cam. reset cam, reloaded app. latest firmware installed when originally starting up a couple of weeks ago. if I wave something in front of cam it doesn’t get those little squares around movement.

Screenshot 2020-04-07 at 4.58.38 PM

I have just deleted the devices and then went through the setup with them in exactly the same way.

This is from the black one.

Are you trying to get it to trigger a rule? Or notification? Or just want the green boxes?

While in live view, click “More”, and then make sure motion tagging is lit. This pic is of my pancam, but your V2s should have the same verbage.

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That was it, I have spent a lot of time trying to find the solution and it turned out to be so simple, how did I miss that???
Thank you so much for your help. I didn’t even realize I had done that on the black one.

also…black out the mac id on your pic.

it is security risk put that in public.

Good point thank you.

Glad to help. Is that all you needed was motion tagging? You mentioned triggering Soni was wondering if you had some rule or notification issues too.

No that was it, I think that what led me in the wrong direction is that I was not aware of turning that on in the 1st one I bought.
I have not tried rules but I dont see a problem when I do.
Thanks for your help.

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So in the end this was not the solution. The cams did have installed when set up. I had to figure out how to flash the SD cards to the same revision. After that all worked fine.

you still have mac id posted. check yiur posts

I thought I deleted it some time age. Is it gone now?
Thank you.


I have the same issue - no events recorded in the cloud for 1 of my 2 wyzecams.

I have 2 black wyzecams and both were recording events fine up until 4/5
Starting 4/6 - one of the wyzecam has stopped recording events in the cloud.
I have restarted it already, still no dice.

It has the latest firmware and also a micro sd with continuous recording turned on.
The other camera that is still recording events does not have a micro sd in it.
Neither camera have motion tagging or any rules turned on.

What did you mean by flashing the SD card to the same revision ? Format it ?

@landb try restarting the cams in the app and see if they start recording events again

Already tried restarting in the app. No luck :frowning: