New pan cam no events view

Do I seriously have to pay for cam plus to get event playback? All I get now is a picture and a play button that says pay us money.

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Sort of. You have two options to get video playback of events. One is CamPlus for that camera, and the other is to put a uSD card into the camera. In that case you will see an icon that sort of looks like a floppy disk that is labeled “Playback”. That will take you to the video recorded on the uSD card at the time of the event.
The free event videos went away a while ago, but is available using CamPlus lite for all the older cameras. The newer cameras can’t use CamPlus lite.


Wow wyze. Way to go with another money grab decision. Sell a security camera that does not show you events as they happen.

I’m a long time customer that is pretty fed up with their decisions.

I have to buy a plastic part to attach two cameras? Yeah money grab

All cameras have a different mounting solution?
Money grab

No new cameras fit on the flood light?
Money grab

Already a new flood light that obviously won’t be compatible?
Money grab

I think this might be a misunderstanding. We still get to see events as they happen. We can still get a notification, and when we select that, we can link over to the live view to see everything as it’s happening live, or we can select playback instead and see the whole event from the beginning just like always when it was a cloud event, only we aren’t limited to 12 seconds now. It will actually show us the entire event, no matter how long it is. The playback timeline will even show us exactly where there was motion recorded so we know exactly what to watch.

To me, this new method is honestly better than the earlier cameras in almost every way except for 2 points that I don’t like:

  1. Shared users no longer have access to events
  2. It doesn’t have Person Detection included like Cam Plus Lite Cameras had

Those are 2 big downsides to me, but everything else about it that I have tested is better so far, and it has some clear advantages. I just hope they soon allow the SD card to be able to be shared.

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No misunderstanding.

I want to get an event notification click it and watch it playback. Why in the world would I have to pay for that?

Also my father is 67 I monitor his cameras. Now I don’t get events.

Also try explaining to a senior that the same app works in 12 different ways depending on the camera.

There is a simple process here being made increasingly confusing with every release.
Record events → notify about event → click event → watch event.

That’s it! Make that happen for all cameras. Simple simple simple.

Stop making it more confusing than it is.

Because it costs money to provide that capability. For the hardware, Wyze operates on a razer thin margin. That means they can’t afford to provide a service that costs them quite a bit to millions of customers for free.
Look at it this way, YOU have a choice on what services you want to receive and pay for. You can choose to only use your cameras for live action and pay nothing other than the cost of buying the camera and a small amount of electricity to power them. Even at that, you get basic event notifications. You can decide to pay a little more to have additional capabilities. You can pay a little more to have even more capabilities. Someone who does not want the added capabilities can get the basic services for no additional cost. That way people are not paying for services that they do not use.


I think that’s a great way to think of it. I have been on the fence about everything becoming a services and a subscription nowadays, but in many cases it makes sense. I would hate to buy something for a lot of money that I only use once or only use one specific function of it

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It’s all software and they have already made that feature available.

No it’s not. For starters, they are paying for network connectivity. Care to make a guess how much that costs for 10s of millions of cameras uploading video on a regular basis? Then there is a rather large amount of data storage. Next is the CPU resources to process that data, and send the notifications. Granted, for all three of those they are not directly paying for that, but rather they are paying Amazon AWS for that service. It ain’t free.
So often people forget about the infrastructure required to make all this technology work.

You are wrong. This can easily be done in camera and over the local network. Of they do things the hard way yes it costs more money. Also video over the WAN from the camera to my phone only costs me money. Not wyze.

I literally process video via hardware for a living. You are just guessing at what Costs them money.

And if this was a free feature before why take it away. They already charge for everything else.

Forgot to mention the fact that your phone can clip the event from the recorded footage. Your phones processor doing the work also would not cost wyze a cent. After the software has been written to do so. I believe you may be thinking the process is harder than it is.

Also I work with AWS for my employer. The worst solution I can think of is sending all fotage to AWS to be processed. I’d this is how their architects developed this solution then it is their fault. That would be the most expensive way to do this.

The video has to be in the cloud for you to be able to view it from outside your network. If you were to make a direct connection to the camera to view the footage if it we’re stored locally you would need to either go through a server, or port forward that camera. Wyze took the server approach. You can buy cameras that require port forwarding, but often times those show up in google search results if setup incorrectly, something the average user doesn’t want to deal with. Wyzes AI also runs in the cloud as the cameras have very limited hardware.

I would like to suggest a feature, that if an SD is installed when an event is clicked the playback happen from the SD recorded event. How can i request this feature, cause honestly i dont like the fact that i have to pay to watch the event, i understand the subscription is to cover the cost of the cloud hosting, but if i’m reading the content from the SD card i dont see why that would be an issue.

If viewing events from the events tab at the bottom of the app you can click the “Playback” button and automatically jump to the SD card at that time. Then you can use the free plan to get snapshots, and jump to the sd to view the video.

Currently this button isn’t available on the new PanV3 interface from the events below the live stream, but it is a suggested improvement.

If you still want to make a suggestion you can create a post in the #wishlist category.

This option sucks!!!

That is what we are saying.

And it should cost cloud dollars to watch a clip from an SD card over your home network.