Really? I have to pay for CAM plus to get video playback?

I was all in on Wyze - watch, scale, cams, doorbell, sprinkler controller etc. Then, they decided that I should be mandated to buy a Cam+ subscription to playback videos? Off to goodwill with this crap. Looking for a new startup.

hell-oooo ? Anyone still here? I guess from your post that you don’t know you don’t have to pay - don’t have to fork out $$$ to get Cam+ There’s a Lite version. Use it. And when/where it asks for how much you are willing to give, put 0 A big fat zero. They will accept it. They are generous enough to allow us to use the Lite version without cost, but used that method to let you donate something. (P.S. This is explained all over the forum here. Its not a big secret.)


An SD card in the camera is also useful and doesn’t require any subscription. Especially useful if the camera doesn’t work with CamPlus Lite.


Anyone remember this July 2020 email from Wyze?

"We hate asking our customers to pay subscription fees, but the most logical solution seems to be to at least put subscriptions on the features where we have recurring monthly costs.

Our issue is that in an email last year, we promised 1.3M of our earliest users that when we finished building person detection that it would be free; even if it was cloud-based. You are receiving this email because you are one of the people that received that promise.

Things are certainly very different than they were last year. With ongoing tariff costs, a horde of challenges stemming from the coronavirus, and an uncertain economy, we’ve been forced to change many of our plans. But this promise to our users has been weighing on us the most.

Trust and loyalty from our users is our highest priority, and we can’t break that. Instead, we have an idea that could possibly make it the solution.

We are going to keep our promise to you. But we are also going to ask for your help.

When Person Detection for 12-second event videos officially launches, you will be able to name your price. You can select $0 and use it for free. Or you can make monthly contributions in whatever amount you think it’s worth to help us cover our recurring cloud costs. We will reevaluate this method in a few months. If the model works, we may consider rolling it out to all users and maybe even extend it to other Wyze services. "


sentinel.env - I will gladly pay for shipping if you will send me all those Wyze products. Seriously. Please PM me.

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