V3 pro REQUIRES a subscription?

So let me see if I understand this correctly. The new V3 pro camera, which is advertised as having on edge AI person detection, 2K resolution, all around faster connectivity, and other great features, will not let you view event videos without a subscription??? Even if you have an SD card? Wyze, are you [Mod Edit] kidding me???

If this is the case, I’m definitely dropping the Wyze product line entirely. What an absolute DECEPTIVE marketing practice, and an absolute joke of a company you’ve become, Wyze.

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Event videos (via the Events tab) are cloud based - always have been. For just over a year users with no CamPlus or CamPlus lite subscription have only gotten a snapshot.

uSD card recordings are local to the camera (always have been). They are accessed via the “View Playback” button on the camera main screen for older cameras using the old user interface, or the “SD Card” button on cameras with the new user interface (including the V3 Pro).

With that said, if you have a uSD card installed, from an event accessed via the events tab, you can click the “Playback” icon at the bottom of the page to take you directly to that event on the uSD card.


Cam Plus Lite is only available on Wyze Cams released before April 2022. You still have the ability to view events on SD card without a subscription.


Ugh. This keeps getting worse. Thank you both for the replies though.

the SD card is not accessible and even if I wanted to cancel the subscription (which automatically started on my account without me asking for it), Wyze has COMPLETELY removed the ability for me to do so, by employing another dirty trick. They’ve removed the “edit” button in the subscription manager page.

Wyze has become the thing we all hoped they wouldn’t. Another greedy corporate entity content with employing the dirtiest of tactics to extract even more coin out of their fan base.

A bit confused, so wanted to clarify a couple of items:

  1. you can reference the SD Card by clicking on the SD Card icon at the bottom of the Live Stream as shown in the image below. This will then bring up the items on the SD Card.

  2. To cancel a subscription, use the browser and go to Wyze.com and click on the face in the upper right and logon:


    Then after logging in click the face again and select my account


    Then Click on the My Subscriptions

    Then follow the path to get to your subscription, select it and choose cancel

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As shown in the previous screenshot, I can get to the subscriptions page, but the link to cancel is simply not there. Nor is it on any related page. I had to open a ticket with Wyze, to cancel a subscription I never opted in to . :-1::-1:

As for the SD card, I may have a bad one, because even though I could format it through the app, it won’t load saying it’s not found. Will try with a new one shortly.

You probably did op in for the Cam Plus if you purchased the cam from WYZE and didn’t know you did. If you don’t remove the blue check mark to opt out you are in. I think it should be the other way around, check the box if you want to opt in.

Maybe that’s what it was. My point still stands that this is exactly the kind of sneaky, dirty unscrupulous tactic that only the worst companies employ. Wyze support offered me a “one time courtesy” of cancelling my subscription because I literally could not do it from the website. Didn’t show up in hardware services or services.

Again, all this intentional obfuscation is the point. Can’t extract more money from your base? Make things obfuscated to the point where they UNINTENTIONALLY give you money. Garbage. Will never by another Wyze product again.

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I like my V3 Pro

Consider yourself lucky. Wyze policy, and I was told it is ironclad, is that once you subscribe, you can cancel all you want but the cancellation isn’t effective until your subscription expires, and there are no refunds.

I made the mistake of signing up for one year, single camera Cam Plus, then when I bought more cameras I signed up for the unlimited (well, limit=99) cam plan. Think they would let me apply the single cam subscription to the unlimited plan and move the camera over? No way bud, can’t (meaning won’t) do it, against company policy. So now I’m stuck with a single cam AND a multi cam plans.

Wow, that’s awful.

That is incorrect. Many people here on the forum have posted that they have gotten refunds.

Wyze changed the policy with the new subscription service.

I’ll try again, but that’s what the support people told me a couple of months ago.

Your screen shot is from a mobile device. I am asking for you to try it from a computer. My screen shots are from a laptop.

No, what I mean is that the new policy is NO refunds. Previously they were pro-rating them, but not any more.


My Wyze Cam v3 Pro took video when I first got it and then I signed up for athe service under a trial and once I cancelled the service my Nice camera as described above is nothing more that a click and snap camera. This isn’t the first time this company is done this to me and or others and if it’s not addressed I am switching all 10 of my cameras at my house and I will put them in the garbage right now. This bait and switch kind of crap is an unacceptable.

Can it do multiple day timelapse. ?

I have no idea but I don’t think it would? I think they will record to the SD and do Time Lapse at the same time.

The setup of a Timelapse video schedule in the V3Pro is limited to running for about 30 days. You can only schedule one Timelapse at a time.

I have never attempted to run or download one for that length, however the main limiting factor will be the size and available free space on the SD Card depending on your interval.