New Modem - New ID and Password - how to change thermostat and other devices to the new Modem?

Had to have my modem replaced - now have new Network ID and password - how do I change that in Thermostat and cameras without deleting device and re-installing?

Best bet is to reconfigure your modem/router to use the old SSID and password. Otherwise, you need to rerun the setup process for each device (but DO NOT delete them first).


Well, problem is I already fixed all my other devices to the NEW SSID and password before I got this email…and I deleted the thermostat…went thru all the original setup procedure on the phone app to add a new device - Thermostat

I got all the way thru to the connecting part
Connected to Wyze Cloud
Added Thermostat
Now it is hung on the Finishing Setup stage

How long should it take - it has been 4 minutes already…

So just for my FYI in case this happens again - how would I have changed the SSID and Password without deleting the Thermostat too?

to follow up on this - I had a brand new Wyze Thermostat and took that out of the box - went through the whole setup - got to the point in the app where the NEW one was at the Begin Personalization
got to the “You did it! Your Wyze Thermostat is ready!”
if I choose either "Begin or Enter Later - I get a window that says:
“Communication Issue
The current network is not good.
Please try again later. If it continues to
fail, please close the app completely
and try again”
I choose try again - still same window with that issues

PLEASE NOTE - Nothing else was changed except CenturyLink tech put a new modem in. Nothing was touched with the HVAC wiring or thermostat
I did the following:

  1. Rebooted the new modem.
  2. Pulled the Wyze thermostat out and waited 2 minutes before putting it back on.

I do not see anything else anywhere addressing this specific issue .

I would think that having the ability to change the SSID and Password should not be that hard or that the system could not easily allow me to change the SSID and Password. I was able to do it on all three Wyze cameras that I have here in the house. That was pretty straight forward but the Thermostat is not.

Gail Shaw

BTW - I have 11 other wyze devices - mostly cameras

I don’t have the thermostat, only cams and an HMS installation. Perhaps @spamoni4 , @carverofchoice or @Seapup can help. Otherwise, you’ll probably need to call customer support.

I have been researching the T-Stat as I am getting ready to install mine. However, to change your WiFi ID and Password, you will need to basically reset the T-Stat and set it up again putting the new WiFi PWD and SSID in.

@R.Good @carverofchoice @speadie @Seapup , am I correct in this?

Here is a YouTube Video of it:


That is correct. Oddly the original T-Stat that I tried to re-install never would configure with my new network modem/router. Luckily I had a second brand new one and was able through many re-tries to get that new one installed and working…believe me it was a test of will and perseverance…
Once I knew I had one working - therefore proving the network and modem/router were fine, I again tried to install the original one - that one is still not recognizing the network.

and BTW both had, in the process, gotten upgraded to the latest firmware so that is not the issue here…

I’m ready for a cocktail now. Reset 14 different devices today. The T-Stat was the only one that gave me fits.

I hope I hear back from Wyze to see if there is a way to get the original one working and that it is not a brick.


Great job. :slight_smile: And thanks for the reply, Hopefully I will be ok hooking mine up.

:beers: :cocktail:

Good Luck. You should have no problem. My original install went just fine. If you are using the “No C Wire” option. Be sure and take pictures of all the original wiring and the finished wiring. Just in case you need to put the old back in…better safe than sorry…I thought I might have to go back to the old Honeywell …

Thanks, I have a C-Wire and actually changing from an Ecobee. Want one ecosystem. :slight_smile: I know what I need to do, just finished researching the Humidifier on my HVAC. Now that I know what to do with it, I should be ok

This is why when I change routers, I usually change the new router to at least have a secondary SSID and password (if not the main one) to match what the previous one was so that I don’t have to reset dozens to hundreds of devices to a new SSID or password :face_with_spiral_eyes: Then together with being alerted any time a new device joins and having device isolation, I don’t have to worry about whether someone else tries to get on the network, and I save myself an insane amount of extra work and problems. :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ve switched routers many, many times, and if we use a different SSID/PW we have to set everything up from scratch and it sucks (not just with Wyze, but lots of IoT devices require this). Hopefully it will become more common place to allow a setting to batch change multiple devices to a new network.


WOW - What a concept Mr “Carverofchoice”! Brilliant! I logged into my CenturyLink provided modem/router and saw that I could have had him change the SSID and Password to the original one when he did the initial setup…grrrrrr. This one provided by the company does not have secondary as an option.

But now I know. THANK YOU!

BTW - do you have any suggestions of an additional router that I could add to my current setup that would allow the secondary…or is that not possible?

Most of them will allow what they call a “Guest” network that is separate from the main one, and that is basically the same thing. Others will let you create secondary or more SSID’s, but it’s pretty common for almost all routers to allow a “Guest Network” so see if you can find a setting for that which will allow you to name it the same as your old one with the same password. Then you’ll be all set.

Honestly that’s the best standard practice for good security of your Smart devices too. Most routers have Guest Networks default to using something called “Device Isolation” which means that any device connected to that network cannot see or interact directly with any other device on the network, making it so bad actors can’t do anything malicious. Most experts recommend we create a second or “Guest” network with device isolation specifically for all our smart devices so that nobody can ever access them even if we’ve given them our WiFi password to use the internet. :slight_smile:

As you are thinking, you can also always add a second router and connect it up to the first router or to the modem directly and then just have that second router be used for your smart devices, while all your other stuff (computers, phones, etc) are using your new, main router. I have done this many, many, many times in the past. The only reason I don’t do that now is because I am now currently using a really good mesh router (ASUS Zen WiFi AX XT8)…and works like a champ to handle my constant 70-200 devices on my 1gbps fiber. So I haven’t needed a second router in a while now.

It is hard to recommend a second based on individual need, but if you get above like 40 devices then you might want to consider a mesh router. It also depends on your internet type/bandwidth and coverage needs. Most people are fine with most routers until they get really high bandwidth needs, coverage needs or number of device needs.

Suggested that in the first post.


Yes, you’re right. You suggested that first. I did not know when this whole issue started that this was even an option. Unfortunately, by the time I got your email, I had already changed most of my devices to the new SSID and Password…
It wasn’t until I finally came up for air from the T-Stat fiasco and had my AC working, that I looked at the online ability to change the modem/router from CenturyLink and saw that I could have changed it…duuuugh…and grrrr.

I ordered a router and should have that by Tuesday, so I will add that and try and figure out how to add a secondary SSID and Password (that was my old info) to fix any other issues that I may have missed and retest the original T-Stat

I clearly am over my head a bit, but willing to learn and push my “comfort zone”. THANKS TO BOTH OF YOU!



Replaced My Cable modem/Router today and Plug would not setup and Cams would not upgrade software. The issue was the router internal Firewall was set to high security. I lowered it to Medium and everything worked fine.

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It appears that wyze doesn’t take password or network security seriously.
At what point does reverting to an old password become an appropriate solution for everyone?
It’s not. Most people reconnect their devices by priority. 20 devices later, they realize they need to either reinstall their thermostat, or reconfigure their router and THEN all their PRIORITY devices… again?

Wow! Way to go wyze!

How about consumers hold companies accountable for their deficiencies… and STOP settling on constant inconveniences as if wyze is somehow the center of our Universe.

I don’t have a Nest thermostat (don’t care for that company either), but I understand you just go into the device settings and update the SSID and/or Password. Now THAT’s what this thermostat should be capable of, too.

That’s what customers should be demanding…! Not, oh, here’s a video on how to reset/reinstall your thermostat… say goodbye to all of your preferences too.

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I just went through this with my Wyze thermostat. What a ridiculous way to reset ssid and password.

To make it even more interesting it would never finish setting up and it is 20 below zero outside. Wyze will send me a new thermostat after over an hour on the phone with support trying to get it working but obviously I can not wait for that to turn the heat on!

Before I hit the reset button to change the ssid I could at least turn the heat up by hand. Once you hit reset if it does not complete the setup process you can not control the heat and need to find a thermostat before everything freezes.

Not impressed!

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In a pinch, as long as you don’t have a heat pump, you can simply short R and W together with a jumper to get heat.

It doesn’t excuse the terrible wifi change design of the wyze, but knowing that can be a literal lifesaver if your thermostat dies.

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Yes that is what I did just to keep the place from freezing until I could track down a manual stat to replace it.

I think these thermostats have an issue that Wyze is ignoring. I read lots of people having issues with connectivity then they just die.

Wyze gave me a gift voucher rather than replacing the Thermostat. I guess that way I pay for shipping on both the original order and the replacement.

I am not convinced I want any more Wyze products so I will have to come up with another way to use the gift card.

Thanks for the tip.


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