New modem after old one died

My old modem finally died and I have a new one my
ISP sent me as a replacement. Do I have to reinstall every device with the new internet address and password or is there a global way to do it once? I sure hope so!!! I have over 20 devices!

Just reset/duplicate the SSID and password so they match your old modem. All of your devices should connect.


The good news is if you keep the same old SSID and Password, you will not have to setup all your devices again.

Otherwise, yes, you will have to reinstall each one again with the new SSID and Password.


Not to sound stupid but what is the process to do that. I just cannot intuitively find a way to do that. Btw thanks for the reply!

An doh. I get it. Reset my new model’s SSID and password! Just looking in the wrong place.


It would depend on the manufacturer and the model. I would search the internet to find the manual for the device and read it.

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Thanks all. Once I realized I just needed to clone to SSID and password, I was all set. So simple, just never occurred to me. Done. Thanks all!