Old system new wifi modem

With all the firmware changes, what is the procedure to change the wifi name and PW please on an existing system. Where is device info for system? Thanks in advance!

Reset device. Add device. Follow prompts.

Or you could change the SSID and password on the new router to match the old.

The combination router/modem supplied by your ISP is junk. Most people recommend purchasing a router and using the ISP’s cable modem, provided it is the latest DOCSIS.

For example : ISP has 150000 customers. That’s 150000 boxes. If they can buy them for $20.00, that’s $3M

If the ISP can buy a cheaper box that does the bare minimum for $15.00, they just saved $75000.00

The box supplied by the ISP is great for watching TV, streaming, and internet but when you add devices such as cameras that are always using bandwidth and using more IPs than expected, things get slow.

Most boxes are locked down so Joe Customer can’t change anything.

If you are getting cable TV through the box, you will need to make an access point by connecting the new router to the ISP’s box.

A crappy Internet connection is not the fault of Wyze, yet there are some here that have issue after issue and blame it on something beyond Wyze’s control.

This is the newer version of what I run. I have a Tenda AC23 that Jeff said I bought October 2000

The price is great too. WiFi 6 dual band gigabit for less than $60.00

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Simply make sure your SSID and Password is the exact same on the new router. If, for some reason, you cannot Then…

You will need to manually do it per device. You do not need to remove the devices from your app or change anything on that side. All you need to do is press the setup button and follow the prompts and enter the new SSID and Password. Make sure you set the device name the same as what you have today. Once done, your device will remain intact along with the rules and settings.

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@TomG - Can you go post this in the Reddit forums for Wyze, every hour, on the hour?

This is a good explanation (amongst a lot of good explanations) on the Network Issue that EVERYONE wants to blame Wyze for… meanwhile, home networks are as vast and varied as Chicken Noodle soup recipes.

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Wow. That is cheap.

Thank-you all ! I am not one who blames Wyze for this. I did this because on a recent trip my wifi went out and on and I figured an intermittent wifi router/ pwr wart was the cause. Easy to eliminate.

I would have liked the wyze system to tell me that wifi internet was spotty but all I got was connecting display. My other device that is not wifi worked fine during the cameras telling me that they were connecting. There were no events recorded BTW. I assume this is all normal and I am very happy with the system does just what I want!

And if for any reason, it doesn’t - the good news, is, you can reset it and try again. Its not a one-time only process.

Changing the SSID and password on a new router is far more effective than adding a new router with different and then trotting around your house for hours resetting, reconfiguring, re-adding everything again.


Thanks spamoni, I decided it was easier to just rename the new wifi router with the old credentials. All is working fine now.
I am hoping the new wifi was the issue. I went on 4 trips in the last 2 months and only the last trip had the connecting problems.
I monitor the devices below on a wired ethernet and it did not lose a beat when the wyze was trying to connect during the trip.

It was intermittent which is what I always seem to get​:wink::wink::wink:

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Will be interested if this worked out for you. I have been through a few routers, sometime ago and finally settled on ASUS ZenWifi XT8 and the Wyze Router Pro’s. Both have been rock solid for me.