New Wifi Modem/Router with Wyzecam 2?

Old Wyzecam 2. Recently got a new modem/router and thus my wifi name and password is different.

My wyzecam shows offline. do i need to remove the device and add it again as new device with the new wifi name and password? How do i do this?

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With a new network, you would need to delete the device from the app and add it again as though it were a brand new cam setup.

Alternatively, if you change the SSID (name) of the new router and the password to exactly that of the old one, you don’t have to do anything to the cam or app. The cam will recognize it as the old network and log in.


No need to delete device from app first, just go trough with the “add a device” for that specific device and when installed again, will overwrite the previous device entry.


Good to know. Thx.


As indicated, this does NOT have to be. Take a minute to set the SSID and password on your new router to match that of the old one.