New Modem - New ID and Password - how to change thermostat and other devices to the new Modem?

Agreed… Wyze products are highly inferior.

I haven’t even reset my Wyze yet. I’m just using it the old-fashioned way until I replace it this weekend. I was going to reinstall my old Honeywell, but I can’t find it in the garage. Looks like I’m picking up a new one from Home Depot this weekend for $22. :+1:t3:

I never had a problem that my old one. Just thought it would be nice to turn it on if I got in bed and didn’t want to go back downstairs.

This Wyze increased our energy costs as well. I was comparing our annual energy costs before the Wyze T-Stat, and it’s cost us a fortune. It always heats up the house 2 degrees warmer than it’s set. I often notice on the app, the Living Room is 76 degrees and it’s still running (## minutes to go); It was set to 75.

Even though my settings were:

  • Behavior: Savings (2nd setting)
  • Differential Temp = 0.5 degrees