New Cordless Vacuum

Not sure what is changed with this new release but I hope they fixed the bin gasket issue. Or people will unknowingly lose gaskets emptying it just like they did with the previous version.

I haven’t heard of anyone losing a gasket with the S model in the last 8+ months, but if anyone does lose one for either vacuum, Wyze does sell replacements for it at a reasonable price.

This new model is not really all that new though…they’ve been selling them at Walmart since at least early December, if not longer. It’s just that Wyze finally started selling them directly through their own website this month. I assume this is because so many people kept asking when the cordless vacuum would come back in stock again.

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Sure customers can buy a replacement gasket but they shouldn’t have to when it’s a design issue and the reason why Wyze was giving out replacement gaskets to those of us that lost theirs in the trash. It would fall out unknowingly and immediately be covered with the bin contents and not be seen. You don’t expect it to fall out so you don’t think to look for it until you use the vacuum and it’s lost suction, with debris flowing out of it.

So this is just a less expensive version with no frills, but it’s kind of sad that it has a lower power battery. I assume it’s the same external size and one could buy the bigger battery for it. However, it’s interesting that this smaller battery can take longer to charge, that doesn’t make sense.

But I wish mine hadn’t come with a wall mount base, for a reduced price because there is no place near an outlet in my home I would want to mount it. Vacuums belong out of sight in a closet anyway. :slight_smile:

I lost mine too. If I’d known they were lose before I lost it, I would’ve put some adhesive to hold it in, but hopefully they fixed with the model S and/or hopefully the replacement ones are an improved design. After the initial few batches it seemed people stopped reporting losing them, so it’s possible they fixed it for later batches. It is always good to replace gaskets in any device once in a while anyway to ensure the best seal at all times. They do often break down over time, and some environmental factors can make it happen faster, so even if it’s not for people who lose them, I like that they are now offering it and other replacement parts. I have bought several replacement parts for various reasons, including when I want to make alterations to my original setup of things.

While I can’t speak for Wyze on this matter, just my own opinion: with a few exceptions, I actually like when most devices charge a battery more slowly. The reason for this is that faster charging can shorten the lifespan of the battery, increase the rate at which it loses capacity, causes you to use charge cycles faster (which reduces the life of the battery), etc. While it is a small amount for a single charge, it does compound over time. The slower charging may even be intentional to slightly improve the battery performance.

I know most people want the convenience over everything, and I respect that. I can even agree with it in this case since the battery life can die off fairly quickly when you use it in turbo mode, so most people will want the battery to charge as fast as possible so they can continue their cleaning. In that respect, I agree the cordless vacuums should aim for faster charging.

Yeah, I agree it is better for them to not include the extra attachments automatically and that they should be sold separately. They should sell a wall mount separately though, and they currently don’t. Thankfully someone created a pretty nice and affordable one for sale on Etsy for anyone who really wants one still:

Yeah, but even when kept in a closet, it does need to be charged at some point, and it doesn’t stand up on it’s own really well, though it does prop up if we lean it on something safely. So I can totally understand people wanting a wall mount for it while they charge it, or even in a closet just to make sure it stays upright and doesn’t slide or fall.

Anyway, I guess we’ll see if anyone starts mentioning the gasket thing now that these new ones are sold on the website, but since I haven’t heard of this happening to anyone in a long time, I’m thinking Wyze fixed the Gasket issue.

I understand about battery health and slow charging but unless Wyze is using a different charging adapter that won’t happen and I really don’t think Wzye did this because they wanted to extend the life of the battery, just don’t think they are that smart. I believe if they changed the charging adapter it was because of cost. Or, they just posted incorrect specs, not like they haven’t done that before either.

Can confirm that the gasket bin adhesive is very strong. I’ve had the S version since December of last year and before I bought the vacuum I would read up on users saying how the gasket would fall out easily and so every time I emptied out the bin I would make sure it wouldn’t and yea it’s held its own.

I like the S version, but I kinda wish it came with the bigger battery, additional parts you get with the first gen, wall mount etc. Or maybe I should just get the v1 instead , but I am cheap :slight_smile:


Thanks! I had been wondering about that. I am glad to hear that.

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You could order a printed one from Etsy…

3D Printed Wall Mount for WYZE Cordless Vacuum. WYZE - Etsy

Looking for others. :slight_smile:

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So they used an adhesive? Is it like a rubber cement? Can the gasket still be removed should it need to be replaced?

I should put the one that came with mine up for sale. I’ll never use it.

Yea, you could probably get something for it.

I’m not sure , but all I know is that the gasket is really tight and cannot fall off. I only said adhesive because I think they just made sure to stick an adhesive inside and then add the gasket to make a tight seal but nonetheless the gasket has a good seal and it’s tight. Nothing to worry about

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Do you have this specific wall mount?

I can’t really tell from the pics , but I kinda prefer to have the wall mount like the one that comes with the v1 where you can mount the whole vacuum. You can also make charge it , not sure the link to the wall mount you sent allows you to do that…

No I don’t. But figured for 1.99, what could go wrong. :slight_smile:

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