New 2.6 Beta App and Firmware released!

Hi @NumberOne,

Sorry about the delay I was out of town, the App Version this is happening on (still) 2.6.36 Firmware, Android, I do not have an IOS device So I am unable to confirm.

Getting this ‘broken’ screen from time-to-time while viewing events.

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Thank you reporting this. We are releasing another version of firmware next week. And please let us know if you see this again with the next new firmware. Have a nice weekend!

Firmware? Or app? It looks more like an app issue.

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Yes, you are right. Could also be a video rendering issue. Thanks for reminding.

We are releasing Beta app and firmware next week. I remember the dev team working on the split screen issue last few days. If you still see this issue next week after the Beta release, let us know. Thanks.

Doesn’t look like video rendering, per se. It’s just looks like the app is drawing the UI objects in the wrong place for some reason.

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Looking forward to a new beta. Do you know if it address my playback issue knocking camera off line? I actually have another couple of issue I’ve yet to report.

  1. CMC records motion when my V2 switches night-day and day-night. I thought it might be triggering on the click, but I have sound notifications turned off. I’ll send logs next time it happens (tonight!).

  2. If I have a CMC detected, followed immediately with another CMC, the first recording event is shown, but not uploaded. (Clicking on the event says not available or not uploaded yet). This has only happened a couple of times. Next time I’ll do logs.

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Has anyone had issues with trying to zoom in CMC video on Android beta app version 2.6.36.?CMC video can’t seem to be zoomed in on when playing it back. Other cameras without CMC have no problems with the zoom feature. @NumberOne


I have noticed that also Plaidsky.

I have confirmed, Screen split/gap is known bug that our dev department is currently working on fixing. I have checked the status of this bug. Status shows “Resolved”. But, I am not sure if the new code will be integrated into our next Beta release. If not, the new fix probably will be released in the official release though. Thank you.


This issue still exists in Android 2.6.40 with Firmware

App 2.6.40 fixed the zoom issue on playback. Yea! :heart:

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Looking into this for you, @Megamind. Can you send over some app logs since this is persisting on the new app/firmware versions we rolled out last night?

Ticket 377789

The behavior seems to have changed slightly with this firmware While loading the event, the image and the timeline are positioned correctly. Then, once the video starts playing, the image drops down behind the timeline and stays there. But it’s not dropping as far as it was previously.

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Is this when you open a video from the Events tab, or by tapping on the thumbnail send by push notification of an Event?


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Item 1. Ticket #379432 with video clip. :nerd_face:

The split screen isssue still present as of today with the latest app and firmware.

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Any word on a fix for the split screen issue? Very annoying.