WARNING - App 2.6 only manual FW Reversion on Android

In the announcement thread

It fixed some stuff, broke others.
But it seemed to take away the FW reversion in the app.
Which when your running beta can be very important.
As I posted The lag is gone on the V2 Was :restore-hardware-acceleration-on-android - now it fixed an issue for me.
But then I upgraded a cams FW, the issue came back, and I found that apparently since it’s NOT Beta I don’t have the choice to revert the firmware via the app, I’ve got to do the SD card dance,
But with another device still on Beta the choice is there.

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I am running beta 2.6. on one device and production 2.7 on another, both IOS, and the revert option is there on both. Have to go thru device info on each cam individually- it doesn’t show up under the batch upgrade feature.

It’s not for me today.
/edit Sorry - for anyone that read this earlier - I was on the outdoor app, which still works.

Do you mean that fixed your lag problem on V2, but the official firmware brings lag problem back again?

Yes, fixed the lag problem w/,35, brought it back with .36, and even worse for me is that I can’t easily go back to the prior FW, the option is not there. Is this removed only in the production version? When will a new beta come out? Will we get it through the play store?

Do you have an Android or iOS device? If you have an iOS, you can reinstall previous Beta build from TestFlight and reverse your firmware back to 5.35? If you have Android, then you probably will have to manually download 5.35 to your V2. If you provide your email address, I could email you the 5.35 bin.

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More important - will updates to the beta software app come out with ability to revert FW?
And how soon?