And the video lag is back w/ V2 FW, App V2.6.42 on android 7.1.1 :( and no reversion choice

So despite getting a working system I decided to upgrade a V2.
With App v2.6.42 & FW4.9.5.28 I get near real time video.
And I tested it just before upgrading the V2.
After a seamless upgrade i’m back to a 6 to 23 second lag on initial testing,
Testing info -
I’ve got the V2 watching TV
On my Amazon Fire v2.5.33 response is darn near instantaneous.
On my J3, Android 7.1.1 the response is 6 to 23 seconds later, based on only several tests.

Furthermore on the J3 I’ve no choice to revert Firmware, I do on the J3.
Gosh I love Beta, keeps life interesting.
I’ve got a group of 3 V2 cams to monitor my front & side yard, they are all on FW (and will likely remain so for a while). Monitoring all in a group or individually they show near real time response on both the Fire with app v2.5.33 and the J3 with App V2.6.42.

With bugs/issues coming back and fort with every version release, I don’t know how Wyze team are developing their software/firmware. Does they even have bug tracking and change log in their development system? And this is not only on WyzeCam, I’ve been reading about problems on other products and its very hard to track here on the forum which bugs/issues were fixed or still remains. I’m planning on getting all my home automation on Wyze, for compatibility and ensure that they will work in harmony, but I haven’t read anyone who have successfully setup Wyze products to work properly and without or at least minimal problems.

Remember - this is the Beta forum, I had no good idea how the stuff operates on the production version until they put out this as an upgrade and it kicked me out of Beta.
If you don’t have a system that needs hardware decoding this may be a non-issue.

I hope that these kind of problems only happens on beta, but most of the complains and problems that I said I’ve read here on the forum happens with the release version and not beta…

I’m also using mixed Android and iOS device to access my cameras, so sure I would be affected if this will be applied on the release version of app and firmware.

To be sure the problems occur fast and furious on Beta sometimes, but that’s what beta is for. Sounds like you probably already know this.
As far as harmony in home automation there are good and bad things about most products, But the good thing is that they can usually, with little effort, be made to work together. Understand, as I imagine you already do, that production runs have their share of problems as well. I’m heavily invested in Wyze but also use other products because I like some features better. If you want a smooth ride definitely don’t sign up with Beta testing. Wyze is s great and growing company with the accompanying aches and pains,
Also, my experience has been, with myself and in trying to help others, that a lot of the problems are less product related and more related to lack of Wi-Fi capacity or understanding.
Hope you decide to stick it out!

Reason why I don’t play beta. I have enough to do around the house. Also had my fill elsewhere. Glad others play beta. Someone needs to.

Keeps life interesting for us old retired f…ts.

Please don’t get me wrong, although I complains, I’m with Wyze, because if customer don’t complains, for sure they’ve ditch the product and find something else. I’m happy that Wyze provide us this forum so the customer community can help them fix and improve their products and services. I just hope this is not just for show and they really are concern and doing something.

I just retired so maybe when I get more matured I’ll join beta. :grinning:

Helps keep your blood pressure down…

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