2.12 app Release Candidate 7/23/2020


  • iOS: 2.12.27(3)
  • Android: 2.12.28


  • None


  • Fixed an issue which can cause video lagging in the bad network environment (iOS only)
  • bug fixes

Dear testers, this is Wyze 2.12 app release candidate, If you still find out some issues, PLEASE LET US KNOW ASAP. Thanks!

I have updated to the latest beta version on android, which says 2.12.9 and my cams take way longer to populate the stream and the video lag is so bad its leaving trails through many frames after objects have moved past and gone by. Both V2 and pan cams have same issue.

Thank you for this update. I am downloading right now and will let you know if there are and issues.


I have found some issues!

  1. Event Pages are extremely buggy. The slider for the events page whether on a CamPlus camera or not is not very good. Also what’s with the loading times? See video I attached. Watch how I try to scroll through the video feed and have some issues. Also when you tough your finger on the bug white space in the events page is goes back to the beginning.

I have a video of this but I wasn’t able to upload it on here. I uploaded it to the Wyze Labs Beta Testers group on Facebook.

  1. PD on CamPlus seemed very inaccurate yesterday detecting my dog and cats as people many times throughout they day. I can’t say yet if it will continue today as I just did the update but I will attach a screenshot.

Unfortunately this wouldn’t let me upload my video of inaccurate PD.

Downloaded available update of 2.12.28 this morning and now most cams won’t authenticate or load and the one cam that works is so lagging and buggy. I have both V2 and pan cams. Im on android.

Some iOS users lost ability to live stream with revision 2.11 (see live stream freezes in forum). The problem is unchanged in 2.12.27 beta.

Is there an estimate when this will be fixed. Note the Android app is OK.

Same issue here but oddly enough they seem to be ok if I’m on cellular but when I’m home on wifi they fail.