2.15 Release Candidate app 11/03/2020

  • iOS: 2.15.13(4)

  • Android: 2.15.16

*** Due to adjusted work schedules from iOS and Google, you may experience longer than usual review times. The app may take 2-24 hours to show on your device. ***

  • None
  • Improved the new video player

  • Fixed a bug preventing person detection filtering in Events for iOS

  • Fixed a bug preventing turning off individual cameras when they were grouped

  • Fixed a bulk firmware update bug

  • Fixed a bug that prevented viewing Wyze Sense triggered videos with the new video player

  • Normal app usage. If you run into any bugs, please let us know!

iOS: 2.15.13(4)
Wyze Cam v2: 4.9.6. 207
Wyze Cam Pan: 4.10.6. 207

Same issues playing some events…same problems as the previous beta 2.15.13(3)

Also, same error message on some events like the previous beta.

Edit: frozen image with cursor moving. This event is playing normally in the official application release.

3 others with the player issues:

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I’m not having issues here, just updated.

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Same here. So far so good…

Big improvement of live streaming on V1 cameras, not completely smooth but much better than it’s been for 2 months.

Still unable to filter for only person alerts in android.

So far so good, I’ll be keeping an eye on the excessive data usage…

Thanks for the updates!

Same bugs as the previous version , motion detection in un marked zones.
Terrible camera image quality

Motion detection takes place outside the demarcated area resulting in constant motion detection recordings. Every few minutes for hrs on end

Heavy background usage by the app. iOS.

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Same here, have you submitted a log / ticket?

Yes. Quality control has really slipped at Wyze

On occasion was getting some yellow/orange blowout in the video, at around sun up and sundown, it’s like it exaggerates the color. Nothing since last night’s update though.

Had issue where all of a sudden could not have two-way audio out to Wyze Cam V2’s. Ticket# 825723. Deleted and reinstalled cameras, N/G. Backed off latest version, N/G. Instructed to install WyzeBeta, N/G. On 11/3 WyzeBeta update to iOS: 2.15.13(4) finally corrected my two-way audio issue! Thanks, JW.

I only get ‘Video not in cloud’ only with WyzeCam Plus while it is still uploading. Can’t view the notification when it’s happening. Have to wait until it finishes uploading to view event. Thanks, JW.

Fwiw … running the latest beta app and firmware on all six of my V2s. Quick note to say that they’re all working well (motion alerts, etc.) and honoring the customized detection zones I’ve created.

I’m still waiting for this new beta to be available on Google Play.
I thought it would be available by now…

It was for me within a few hours of the release. Usually it is closer to 12 hours for me.

Yes, I usually get it within a day of the announcement but not this time.

Omg. Yes. I hope this fixes the bug in IOS not detecting person.