Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Thanks for the update WyzeGwendolyn. I continue to be amazed at the WYZE straightforward communication with its customers. You guys are great!

While network aware storage would be nice … I’d rather you all concentrate on what you do best … cameras and sensors. Can’t wait to get my hands on outdoor cameras and water sensors!

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You’re welcome, todwatts. We look forward to having an alternative solution for NAS in the future. :slight_smile:

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I know this probably doesn’t help being that the cams use micro sd cards but check this out…

Nice find HDRock! :smile:

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I didn’t really find it , Someone else did , it’s in another thread :slightly_smiling_face:

Bummer. It what it is got to fit the business model.

This combination might work

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1: Synology NAS / Qnap NAS (ANY MODEL :slight_smile: )

2: Yes RTSP works on both models.


I have a 64G SanDisk XDHC card in my WyzeCam, and I also have an ASUS AsusStor SAN with 40+TB of storage I can use. How can I configure my cam to use this for multiple backups?

I’m an old school IT guy who never trusts hardware to get anything right…

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Hi Rain sorry for replying so late. NO there is NO NAS support sadly!. yes I know i own 6 NAS devices. With Wyze cams the only way to get the footage off the device is to physically remove the card!!! total buzz kill i know. i hope somewhere down the line they either let you do the following hook up a 2tb drive to the camera beats chasing 32gb every 3 days or 64gb… just have 1tb storage sdxc capable is more relieving till the nas part settles in :slight_smile: as for backups you remove the card and dump it to your nas via smb :smile:

Would like to see a feature to allow NAS local storage as well as memory card

This is necessary to use as a security camera, or assurance that s3 recordings can be retrieved if the camera is offline (or stolen :frowning:)

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Just an FYI - Saw this on reddit. Don’t put too much stock in it since the person who’s done this seems reluctant to just say what he’s done.

That’s not quite accurate. While playing back the video on the card in the Wyze app (View Playback), you can hit the Record button which will save the recording, in real time, to your phone’s album. It’s not very convenient since it can only be done in real time, but this method does let you get segments off the SD card without removing it.

There is a Wishlist topic about being able to download directly off the card. You can vote for that here: Direct access to SD card with download ability. Be sure to click the VOTE button at the top for your vote to count.


I’m not particularly techy (at least not IT-techy), but I plan to just hook an external hard drive to my router’s USB port. The router is designed with 2 USB ports for hooking up storage (flash drive or external hard drive) that you can access with any device that is on the Wi-Fi network. I’m sure the router lets you modify who has access, but I will not bother customizing. My cameras are all external facing or garage monitoring, so I have no privacy concerns there. I’m hoping the NAS solution(s) your software developers opt to support would include this (i.e. external hard drive connected to router), as it seems very common with today’s routers and presents a simple 90% solution.


Maybe I’m just still peeved about the fallout between Wyze and their would be NAS partner, but why all the hype for Person Detection?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a wonderful and welcomed feature. But it’s a security feature in a camera that’s, current;y, not meant for security.

Wyze camera’s in their current state are not security cameras.

Without NAS and/or 24/7 Cloud support, these camera’s are just cameras with smart features.

Now I get the reason why Wyze is taking so long with NAS support is that they would like to bring their own NAS to the market before making the cameras compatible with other NAS devices and that does make sense at a business level.

But Why?

For one: Why bring a NAS device to the market when there’s tons of other NAS devices out in that market?

Two: The NAS market isn’t exactly growing nor is it big so why bother?

Three: I’m going to guess that most people who buy these cameras are people in the tech/gadget community who most likely already have a NAS device or would rather choose one with specific features that help them with all their tech needs?

Again, why bring harm to your already beloved products by sitting on this issue for the sake of bringing your own NAS to the market which is tiny. Why not focus on more smart home devices because that is a market that is growing and the market that Wyze should really set it’s sights on?

I would love to buy all-in on the Wyze cams. I really would. I’d have at least 8 of them with room for growth, but without NAS and/or 24/7 cloud support, I’ll have no other choice but to go elsewhere for security cameras like the Arlo/Eufy cameras.

I just feel like Wyze is doing more harm to their business than necessary for a product that hardly anyone will buy.

NAS support, at the very least, should be one of your top priorities right now.



It looks like there are several Apps for the QNAP NAS system that support IP cameras / RTSP.

One of their top priorities? Lol, I would guess NAS support would only be utilized by a very small fraction of their customer based.

I don’t understand the need to rant about a feature you desire. Wyze is going to invest their resources on what they feel will be most beneficial. You know you can use RTSP as a solution for NAS?

Sorry about the MaxDrive being cancelled; but I think it will still be a good feature to support NAS. As far as I know we could use the RTSP firmware for this, but I think its mostly supported by branded NAS, so it would be also good if CIFS/Samba and NFS will be supported for those who already have personal server or WiFi router where you can plug a USB hard drive to.