Network Attached Storage (NAS)

I used to use my Synology surveliven station with my Dlink, although it only supports 2 cameras OOTB. Not sure what 7 more would cost lol

Hey, folks!

Here’s more information about MaxDrive and how it will work:

OK I am among the many people wanting a NAS solution and at first when seeing that you are coming out with your own hardware solution I was a bit disappointed as I have two robust NAS solutions

Then I googled the MaxDrive and I have many spare drives lying around and a price point around $100 is more than fair.

I just got my first camera and plan on buying many more as I like the company philosophy

Keep up the good work, happy to be a part of it

From your friend North of the border (Please find a way to ship directly to Canada) :wink:


Thank you so much for your feedback! I’ll share it with the team. And we are looking into what it would take to ship directly to Canada though we can’t make promises yet. :slight_smile:


Another round of thanks for the Feedback! Just to explain a bit, when the MaxDrive releases we will also be enabling NAS support (Samba Protocol) for the Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan. We did not want to force people into our product if they already have their own solution. The major difference will be the ability to access your camera’s backed up footage from inside the Wyze App vs. needing to use the app of a 3rd party NAS drive to view.

Please feel free to join us on the conversation for the MaxDrive should you have any additional feedback or questions!


Jesus, I love you guys. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. Hearing or reading a company saying something like “we didn’t want to force customers into our equipment if they already have a solution” is SOOOO rare and so awesome. I’m a customer for life… Well, I am under 2 conditions.

  1. No selling out to the Chinese. Their Ministry of Intelligence doesn’t need to be looking inside my house.


  1. You make @WyzeGwendolyn so happy as an employee that she stays at Wyze for her entire career and is able to retire as the CEO. Which will of course happen after she shifts the corporate landscape in the US away from greed and back to the pre-Freidman era when companies placed an equal emphasis on people (employees & customers) to that of profits.

See, nothing too over the top, but I’m a customer for life if you can make sure that small list of demands is adhered to!!!


Thank you for your support, we will try to keep you proud to be a part of the Wyze family!

For NAS storage, compatibility with unraid and especially a docker container for Wyze would bring in another community that is looking for affordable cameras/expandable storage system. Unfortunately I am very new to unraid and do not even know if this can even be done/RTSP may be an easier route.

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Well, I certainly have my work cut out for me! I’ll see what I can do. :wink:


NAS support would be great. QNAP TS-431.

Thanks again for putting customer choice first when it’s technically possible to do so. This makes me even more excited for the MaxDrive release since we’ll get Samba support as well!

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+1 you have increasing fans here. Now is the time to setup local warehouse, sales and support team??


That is GREAT. I think Samba must be old-hat but it worked well for me in the past.

Just got my first Wyse Cam V.2 have many other types of IP Cameras with Synology DS 713+. Have 6 cameras with only 1 Wyse Cam got it to work with Surveillance Station and motion detection and voice recording at max resolution. I use IP Camera Viewer for Android paid for app. to stream all 6 cameras outside of WiFi and LAN. Works great so far. I will be purchasing more Wyse Cams to replace older lower resolution cameras in the near future. Using Beta firmware with RTSP for both outside streaming and in house recording on Synology NAS. If adding more of these works out I will be posting here shortly. This took some trial and error but figured it out in about a day. Stayed tuned!

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I’m Using a D-Link NAS


Hi, I have synology, but other drives available. While I am in Canada, I use a US address for obtaining your product. I love what you folks are doing and would really like to participate in this process. Running 2 V2’s and Pan cam plus all the sense stuff, hope you give me the chance to play!!!

Hoping the when the NAS comes out it can handle multiple drives at one time.

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Any chance the NAS support will be enabled before the MaxDrive is released? I recently had to review video from a camera but wasn’t able to go back far enough due to only having a 32 GB card :frowning:

NAS support in beta form would also work :slight_smile:

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As some of you may have already heard, MaxDrive has been cancelled due to the partnership falling through. We are still planning to have NAS capability in the future but that feature will be delayed after this. We’re sorry about this and we’ll keep you updated as we make progress on a new solution.

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