Record to my media server

Can I record the videos to the hard disk or storage connected to my router? Is there anyway or will you come up with this feature? Cause if the camera is stolen I got no records from the camera without the motion detect records from the cloud…so please find me a solution about it

@mkhaq this feature is currently unavailable as of now… Several others have asked about this as well… I dont think we will see this anytime soon… Maybe a few months down the road? These guys are really busy at the moment, so hence their delay in response…

Another vote here for saving video to storage device on local network, either manually or in real time. Would love to save video directly to my Synology NAS in addition to the micro SDHC card.

There are third party developers working on this solution. I have included a link to this below.

Keep in mind that hacking the firmware for any device is very risky and may permanently damage your device. There would not be any official support from either manufacturer if you decide to attempt this process.

I am going to give it a shot, but I got an extra camera for this express purpose.


I would also like this feature for my Synology NAS.

I have a few of the V1 and two of the v2 and just ordered 2 of the Wyze Pan


Thank you

If the wyze camera showed up on my network as a storage device, then I could simply copy the contents of the SD card onto my NAS at the appropriate time intervals.

Any luck Sean?

I don’t think that openipcamera actually modifies the firmware. I tried it. If you take the microSD card out, the camera stops functioning. I pressed the button and the camera went into setup mode. The Wyze app recognized the camera and set it up without issue.

I too would love to be able to record to my Synology. I’d rather do it thru their Surveillance Station software.

Anyone heard anything from Wyze or developers about ability to record to NAS / Samba instead of a local MicroSD?

The ability to do record to Samba would give a lot of peace of mind from worry about the camera getting stolen during a break-in.

At least I can hide the NAS somewhere less likely to be stolen.

I suspect maybe this feature may not be offered if there is some upcoming cloud subscription storage option but one can only hope or ask.

Thanks for listening! I love the product.

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I just used the software on the Wyze v2 following instructions but I encounter two problems…

  1. To update the password, it will not work and still uses the default password
  2. the night vision capability does not work.
This is outside of Synology software as you are just streaming to the synology box to record. But it records great at daytime. But I will need to do something for my night surveillance to synology