Network Attached Storage (NAS)

I have a Synology DS NAS, which does support RTSP.

Synology has a lot of integrations and features (you can even run OpenHab home automation on it). I would think it would be pretty easy to get Wyze to talk to Synology NAS systems.

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Qnap uses a service called QVR which is agnostic to brand and typically will accept any feed provided by an IP camera using the universal standard ONVIF protocol.

Would love to learn more about the NAS video drive.

So, unfortunately, I am aware that the first-party NAS drive solution was canceled, but are there any updates on NAS support for the Wyze Family of cameras in general? Thanks :smiley:

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Would a RaspberryPi NAS be an option?

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SUCCESS with RTSP + BETA Wyzecam v2 version

@ Synology DS1618+ (Intel Atom C3538 ~ 2.1 GHZ) using DSM 6.2.2-24992 and Surveillance Station 8.2.5-5850

  • v4.19.4.48 SUCCESS
  • v4.28.4.41 FAILED

@ VLC Version Vetinari (Intel 64bit)

  • v4.19.4.48 SUCCESS
  • v4.28.4.41 SUCCESS

@ MotionEyeOS 20190427 on Raspberry Pi 2

  • v4.19.4.48 SUCCESS

@ MotionEyeOS 20190427 on ODROID XU4

  • v4.28.4.41 SUCCESS


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Water sensor would be SUPER easy to make.

Inside of WYZE contact sensor there is a reed switch that could be replaced with two exposed wire contacts into a small sponge … when sponge gets wet, closes electrical circuit, and notifies WYZE app of water leakage.

Eazy peazy!

Do you mean V2 version


I agree - lets get an update on the NAS - to me a key feature. I’d like to stream recording to it. Thanks

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+1. What is the status of NAS? I want to stay with the standard firmware. I likely will wait ordering the in-testing Outdoor cam (or any more pans) until NAS.

It’s still something that we’re wanting and plan to have later but we’re still looking for the MaxDrive alternative.

Thanks Gwendolyn.

NAS just doesn’t “feel” like it is a Wyze priority any more which I find frustrating.

The mid year CEO update did not even mention it, instead saying Wyze had “… highly anticipated, highly requested RTSP …” as if that is the Wyze answer in this space.

RTSP is not a solution for those of us who want to stay on the growing standard platform.

It’s more that we experienced a fairly hefty setback with it so we don’t have dates or expectations to offer until we get some ducks lined up again. RTSP does help some people but we understand that it’s not a complete solution (with folks like you as an example for why). Thank you for taking the time to discuss this with me.

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Would it move it up the priority ladder if we discussed the need for it more?
I’ve about given up on a Wyze NAS solution and am limping with RTSP.
/edit - and thankful for RTSP! It wasn’t there when I bought my cam.

I’ll at least share it with the team! I know that it’s not just an issue of bandwidth for this one.

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How about a simple option for NFS mounting on-device that could replace the SD card and allow for NAS writing? From the community, there’s now a soft hack that allows this to work nearly out of the box without compromising the firmware. Even if something like this is super advanced and not really even supported beyond the fields needed?

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Agreed… please release the ability to write to our own NAS.

From the discussion about releasing the NFS option when the NAS solution came out, it appeared that it may have already been something that was in the works.
I understand Wyze doesn’t want to cannibalize sales of a NAS solution, but people who currently want the ability to write to their own NAS probably aren’t going to buy this solution anyways.

Are you talking about the rtsp hack that was out before Wyze started working on their own firmware?

If not, where is the hack and have you tried it?

I haven’t tried it. I found it on Reddit last night, but they say it doesn’t survive updates or reboots, so I didn’t want to waste my time on it right now.

Also, it isn’t the RTSP hack, that’s different firmware. I wouldn’t call that a “soft hack”. :slightly_smiling_face:


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