Question about RTSP


I have a quick question about RTSP. Is this only to allow a direct recording on a remote host like a PC or a surveillance system? Or, Would this make it possible to connect to the camera’s microSD card to transfer a video file via WiFi? I’m just looking for a way to do the latter so that I don’t have to keep removing the microSD card to download videos to my computer.

As far as my understanding goes about RTSP it would not allow the transfer of files from the microSD like you are looking for, it is more so for live streaming to other devices. I am sure someone with more knowledge will correct me if I am wrong

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I was assuming that to be the case based on what RTSP stands for. I guess people shouldn’t/wouldn’t need to access microSD card if they are using RTSP, but RTSP relies on uninterrupted connections, so I’d rather rely on microSD card storage that if possible I could access without having to remove it. I may just be dreaming haha.

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Thank you for pointing me to that thread. I voted :slight_smile: