Need Some Troubleshooting Help?

You are always welcome to ask the community if you need help with something. But it is often easier, faster, and less frustrating for your fellow community members if you try to find the answer on your own first. Here’s a link to our support site which will have troubleshooting steps for different situations:




Alternatively, you can click Support in the black bar at the top of the screen.


That, too!


Yes Sir ree , Go to the Support page and do some homework ,Lots of information , That’s where you will find support for the product, Go figure :grin: That’s what I did before I bought Any cams .


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Pan cam off-line easiest fix was to delete device on phone then add new device and repeat set up. Once set-up was complete the camera was back on-line and operating perfectly.

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Trying to find troubleshooting issues through scrolling through everything it so time oonsuming. Going to try your link and hope it helps.

Sure Off-line camera is easy to fix. But if you have to do it 20+ times a day it sucks, or every time you return home it’s offline starts getting old
I will just go buy the $200 camera and be done with these frustrating Kid’s Toys
One would think that the stupid discobot would have been here by now. Nope he’s making someone prove they are human.

Yeah I tried that three different times for the same cam pan and it still won’t stay online. Gotta figure out something.

That’s as useless as the cameras and the forums.

I’ve already been there and they are absolutely NO HELP.

Terrible products and worse support. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Hello @MIKEL63031 and welcome to the community.

What kind of issues are you having, this is a fairy helpful community.


I’m having issues in groups. Since the last update the connectivity to the group is lagging and then when singling out a single camera from the group it takes atleast 3/3 tries and 45 seconds if it doesnt fail and repeat the process.

I can/have delete the group and the connectivity is like old times. Should I just delete and re-add all cameras again and then regroup them becuase If done this and it’s still the same.

Another issue: if and when I’m watching an event and need to see more, by clicking on the sdcard playback button which should take me exactly to the timeline event occurs…it doesn’t. It takes me to real time and declares no events at this time and when I try to go to specific time stamp manually there is nothing there.

Yes, I am very familiar with Wyze App. The SD CARDS are functional and the replay works great but the call out for going to event fails. All camera worked great before update.

What’s the best option?

I just found out that person detection is now back?, Where’s the email on that?. I found it mentioned in the forums and I do review all updates for what’s supposed fixed and nothing ever indicated it’s back.

The wife is niggling me to get these working and here I am. Tackle any issue your a master of and instruct me.

@RightlyWitnessed If you could, let me know if this issue is still happening with you. If it is could you let me know the app and firmware versions. Thank you


Thanks… Support is a joke, voice support keeps playing Same loop back to automated faq… No person possible :-1:. Live chat is not live points to above, which goes into same live loop :joy: :triumph: Just return it if need be …

That’s definitely not what is supposed to happen… As a quick check, were you trying to contact us during our open hours? I’m wondering if the chat was actually the support AI and we weren’t open at the time you were trying to use it. If that wasn’t the case, I need to dig deeper here.

I can not get my wyze band to connect to the wyze app. I’ve turned bluetooth off and back on, I’ve deleted the device. Idk

@CDballs Have you tried this?

To reset your device info from the band itself:

Tap on the Wyze Band screen to wake it up, then scroll and tap Setting > Reset . Confirm that you want to reset the band by tapping OK .

Yes I’ve done that few times @StopICU33. When I try connecting bluetooth Wyze band shows up as available to connect but when I touch it to pair it never moves from available devices.

That it is strange. I would contact Wyze Support during business hours and see if they can resolve his issue for you.

Wyze Customer Support

1 (206) 339-9646

Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT