Wyze Cam Pan 2 Issues

At exactly 11:46 am this morning my 2 Wyze Cam Pan 2s went offline. They are now stuck on a solid red light. I have tried to troubleshoot but as usual I seem to be the only one with an issue. I have called 4 times to Customer Service and get no cooperation or help at all. No one bothers to give me a ticket number. They want the order # to these Wyze Pans which I purchased last October from their website. The details are not complete on the website except I purchased them and how much I paid. The information is not on the app. The rep I talked to was extremely rude and called me stupid. How many times do I have to call Wyze to resolve this issue? Every day this company gets worse. And posting on Facebook does no good because no one wants to help troubleshoot. I find it hard to believe that 2 cams go offline at the same exact time and not be on their end. Both Cams are updated to Version Oh and I don’t have a windows computer that I can download previous software and flash the cams back online. I have a Macbook air that does not have a port for that. So again it looks like it’s tough luck on me since I get no help from this company. Does anyone else have this issue?

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Sorry you had such a bad experience from support. Did you receive an email after you hung up? That should contain the ticket number. Check spam.

No I never got an email. The rep called and left a message instead stating since I am not answering phone then I must not want help. I was in the shower. Wyze needs to take care of these people.

As mentioned in the other thread, you could use a device like this for copying files on an external drive using your Mac.

Mac doesn’t have a lightning port though. I have that one and it works for iphone but not for my macbook. The new mac that I have uses USB C only

Which Macbook do you have? Does it have a USB port?

But something like above would be the type of accessory to use for the scenario you have described.

USB C ports (2 of them). Macbook Air 2020

This one is pretty slick

Have you tried factory resetting the cameras ??

Did the cameras go offline randomly or did the power or internet go out ?

I’ve noticed whenever I change routers , some of my cameras will brick… very weird

If multiple cameras went off line at the same time, my first guess would be a WiFi or internet problem - not the cameras.


The factory reset worked. Thanks for the help. I ordered the hub you linked though for just in case.

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