Need help to protect my family

I need some help. We have a drug dealing, no power, no water trashy house and people. Our neighbor’s house has been broken into twice and I caught another person in he back yard. I have had to call the police 3 times and the fire department and EMS showed up for an OD last week.

I don’t have a plug in where I need to put a camera. I would greatly appreciate it if I could get some ideas on a camera that has zoom capabilities and battery operated camera for the other corner of our house. I’m trying not to have to drill another hole though the outside wall for power. Now I well if I have to.

I am helping the investigators with pictures of license plates and mug shots of the people that come and go at all hours of the day and night. I’m lucky enough to work at the Sheriff’s Department as a vendor but I also was employed by the department as a detention officer.

So other than a SLR camera :camera_flash: Does anyone have any ideas to help me get the pictures I need? I am very grateful for all the help and thank you to those the took the time to read this. Hope you all have a great day and be safe.

If you have any light bulbs outside you can actually buy an adapter that screws into the lightbulb and convert it into power for a camera. Some will give you a USB port, some even give an AC outlet through the light. Wyze even sells a lamp socket adapter that allows you to leave the light switch on 24/7 and the camera will control when the bulb is on or off (either on a schedule automatically like sunset to sunrise, or just turn on whenever there is motion). The new V4 camera can control that lamp socket, though other cameras could get powered by it (they just wouldn’t be able to control the light).

Personally, I think you want some zoomed in, telephoto lens cameras like the OG-T camera. I don’t think the other cameras will be able to get clear views of people’s faces or license plates from your house, because the compression and bit rate will make them too blurry at that distance.

But you can try it out if you want to, because why is generally has a 30-day return policy with a few exceptions. Maybe order from Amazon just in case, since Amazon will definitely always allow returns for anything if it ends not being adequate for your needs at that distance.


Here are example pictures of the quality you can expect from a Wyze v3 camera inside a double pane window. You can zoom in on the picture to see if this setup will meet your needs. All of my v3 cameras are inside looking out and most of my window have a power outlet near the windows. Good luck.

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OG Telephoto,good idea but… Problem with OG-T currently is that accessing the SDcard is very challenging…
(updated Jun27 … OG SDCard issue may only be only iOS, iPadOS)

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tc10 & carverofchoice, Thank you for the info, I appreciate it. @ tc10 I’ll look into that camera for sure. I actually didn’t even consider a light bulb camera. I tried a cam 3v I’m my window but it’s a double pain window and there’s a reflection even when I taped off the red and blue lights in the 3v.

I’m going to check out more cameras just has to be done within our budget. Thank you all again for the suggestions I really appreciate it.


your best bet would be lifepo4 battery, 200ah should last a month. they are heavy though ~ 60 pounds.
for 12 bucks you can get usb converter from 12volts dc.

on top of that 3-4 rotweillers should be able do the job, sweet dogs to family members and they dont care about electricity

You can turn off those LEDs from the Wyze app.

I assume moving is not an option?

What is written on the sign?