My WyzeCam outdoor V2 is now black & white only. Why?

My WyzeCam Outdoor V2 was working perfectly and the color at night was amazing. Now, all of sudden, it is black & white without a hint of color. I have changed nothing. Powered it down several times. Charged it. Nothing changes. Do these things only last 7 months?

I have seen a few cases where a firmware update or app update changes the settings even though we didn’t do it ourselves. It’s possible a recent update slightly changed the settings for you. Try going back into the settings for it, especially the advanced settings. Consider switching night vision mode from Auto to off. I can’t remember if it has a setting for dim or dark (the WCO v2 is one of the few cameras I don’t have a copy of), but if it does, maybe switch it to dark.


Turning off Night Vision got the color back. Thank you very much for the assistance!

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