My Wyze Cam V3 died in the rain

I have 2 in Colorado, 4 Montana, 34 in California so we are in all everments and had no isses so far

If it’s worth the trouble, I believe a new lens is less than $10.

It’s by far the worst device wyze has put on the market today. It may work fine indoors but I am on my third one outdoors every time it rains it fails. Don’t ever advertise it as an outdoor camera if it can’t withstand the elements.

I have 15 of them, all outdoors, two modified with telephoto lenses. No issues. Surely there will be quality issues, but these seem able to withstand outdoor use.

I have 16 V3’s outdoors with no case or special protection, 100°F+ summers 15°+ in the winter, Rain, Hail and Snow… My V3’s have an easy life…LOL

The above camera still works the same nearly 2 years later


Looks like they are in a case to me… I have similar.

@bryonhu I just did the same thing

No case, that is a camera mount from my previous non-wyze camera. If you take off base then the screwhole connects to mount…

Absolutely stock V3 without any case.

Not grabbing the ladder for a picture of the one on tree, but this one is another outside V3 on same mount.

Why would I put a case on a water resistant camera❓

Besides I got nearly 2 years so far if it dies, it’s like a disposable lighter🤣


They haven’t been on the market 2 years yet. They were released November 2020.

I’ve got two V3 outside (sister’s) and several V2’s. No issues either.
I did drown a Pan V1.

Yep, I’m bad with keeping track of time…

The V2’s were in the V3 locations prior to upgrade.
They were in the birdhouse type enclosures.

Maybe your case is the issue, trapping water between it’s inner side and the camera…
You say they All failed so why not try one without a case, I have 16 that are happy without a case…

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Hello @bryonhu.
I have taken off my V3’s base to make it easier to mount. To clean up its appearance I worked up a filler plate. If you are interested in trying it out, below is a link to a free STL file that maybe you can have printed at your local library.

V3 Filler Plate with rounded edges

Below is an STL viewer rendition of it.

Below is a filler plate used with a 3D printed window mounting bracket.

Notice the hole in the filler plate for a mounting screw?



That’s neat. How did you get the late to stick to the glass? My son-in-law got a 3D printer recently.

And I want to know who cleans all of Victor’s windows after his numerous excellent experiments of sticking cams on his windows and doors? :grin:


Hello @AnnWithAPlan and Others.
AnnWithAPlan I am not sure what you are referring to, the window mount V3 camera custom-aimed support or the cord anchor? Both are mounted with double-sticky tape.

The white tape in the photo below is DUCT brand with a foam core, it is used to attach the cord anchor. The red roll of tape is Scotch Brand VHB (very high bond), it is used for the camera support. The VHB tape has a mastic core that provides a very strong bond that can result in damage to the plastic camera support or worse the window when trying to remove it. I apply isopropyl alcohol with an eyedropper along the top edge of the tape to try and loosen it. If that isn’t working fast enough I switch to a homemade tape saw, I have three types to choose from.

The frame saw was made with a scrap piece of plywood cut to a frame shape and the metal cutting strip from a waxpaper roll.

This one is made from a monofilament fishing line.

The last saw is made from a piece of plastic banding that can be found in the trash cans of big-box building supply stores. I used a bench grinder to shape the blade tooth pattern.

If you or your son-in-law are interested in a camera holder like the one in the post you questioned, check out the folder linked below:
Master Sq Tube Glare Shield Folder
This folder contains over a hundred STL files of the typical aiming directions in 5° intervals, left-right, and down-up combinations. The folder also contains STL files for the four different styles of cord anchors and other useful print or support documents.

If you don’t want to be restricted to camera supports with Mod 5° directions, calculate and then print your own custom aim angle support at this link:
Create Your Own Custom Window Mount Sq Tube Glare Shield Drawing
The above link is for the style of the camera support shown below:
Overall Setup Group

This last link is for my recient submittlal to use a full section V3:
Create A Custom Window Mount Full Section V3 Tube Glare Shield
Below is a picture of one in use:

The file are available to any who wants to see or print them.

Let me know if you need more information.


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I am proud to announce that yes, I do windows.

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And I am sure you do an excellent job. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks. I sent a picture of it to my son-in-law earlier.

Hello AnnWithAPlan

In addition to the picture, you sent to your son-in-law send him the links associated with the camera supports. Within these links are links to downloadable Word documents describing in great detail how to create a 3D drawing of a custom-aimed holder. If you like I will send to your inbox the actual drawing procedure in a Word doc format.

I am assuming that he has 3D drawing software or is getting it with the 3D printer.

Till later.

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I will. Thanks. When I was over there the other day the machine was making a part he needed for something. Got to see it in action. They just got back from a trip so I’ll send it to him tomorrow.