Create A Custom Window Mount Full Section V3 Tube Glare Shield

The picture below is a simple Sq Tube Window Mount Glare Shield for the V3 camera. It requires the V3 base to be removed.

Below is the results of making a Full Section Window-Mounted V3 Tube Glare Shield Camera Holder. The ‘Full Section’ means the base is not removed. The camera is used as is.

The first picture below is the printed results.

The next two pictures show it mounted on a window with a working V 3 with its base attached. This was a temporary mount, that is why so little tape is used.

The picture below shows the field-of-view restriction caused by the shield’s geometry for a 25° Rt aim angle. A 20° Rt angle would have much less restriction. Often the FOV restriction is hiding another restriction, the side frame of the window. In other words, if the camera were free of tube and shield geometry, the window’s side frame would block part of the view.

This last picture is a copy, for viewing, of the PDF file with detailed section dimensions.

Below is a link to the actual PDF with all of the needed V3 section dimensions.

Full Section V3 with Glare Guard.pdf

To view detailed drawing instructions while in this Wyze Forum use this link:
Create Your Own Custom Window Mount Sq Tube Glare Shield Drawing

For detailed instructions in a word document format, download and print this link:
Create Your Own Custom Window Mount Sq Tube Glare Shield Drawing This document explains all of the steps needed to go from a scaled drawing of the camera’s section that includes fit-up allowances, the location of positioning axes, calculating Working Length, positive and negative extrusions, unions, order of rotations, another union, two subtractions, and finally checking the finished product. Then the part is exported to an STL file to be printed.

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