Reducing Field of View Restrictions associated with Square Tube or FS V3 Glare Shield Window Mounts

Hello, People, I have made available Several types of window-mounted camera holders with backlight shields. These shields are compact custom angled units, Horizontal and vertical at 20° or less have very little Field-Of -View restrictions caused by the geometry of the holder-shield unit itself. In this post I am making available a 3D-printed riser attachment for the FSV3 or the Square Glare Shield window-mounted camera holder. These two types of camera window mounts are available through links in earlier posts. The use of the riser only increases the stand-off distance from the window by about 13 mm.

The picture below depict the riser accessory. The riser accommodates a 127x127 mm glare shield described above.

As you can see there is a significant reduction in the field-of-view restriction.

Below is a link to an STL 3D print file for the 127x30mm riser.
127x30 Glare Shield Riser. You may be able to have your local library print one for you.

I am proud to have a Bambu Lab X-1 Carbon 3D printer. It is amazing.



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