Adjustable Through Window Support with a Glare Shield Box

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Below is a description and pictures of a simple adjustable window-mounted camera mount with a glare shield box.

It begins with a folded sheet metal Simpson Tie from which a camera is hung or set atop. This camera hangs upside-down and is aimed at 25° to the right and 30° down. In advanced settings the camera’s capture image is inverted.

This next picture shows the window box glare shield set upon the metal bracket. The box is attached with button magnets to the bracket and tape to the window. Later in this post will be a description of hold-down clips that would allow for easy removal and replacement of the glare box.

Folding the bracket from a Simpson Stong-Tie and attaching the camera to it.

This group of pictures shows how the lower right corner of the camera’s field of view was located from which the glare box’s dimensions can be obtained. The larger the box the more side and vertical aim can be accommodated.

This group of pictures shows the layout and folding aid I used for the box shield. A stiff craft paper was used for the box.

The picture group below shows the utilization of optional hold-down clips for the box’s free corners.

Field of view of a mounted camera without a light shield. A lot of inside light glare is visible.

This is the same view with the glare box attached. A little of the glare box’s lower right corner is visible.

This last picture is a view of what this setup looks like from the outside. Hard to see.

That’s all folks, Victor.


Anyone else slightly excited one of those pictures seems to show us a small glimpse/sneak peak of the great @victormaletic or is it just me?!?! :slight_smile: Love your work buddy. Thanks for sharing.


Best example of how mechanics meet electronics. Well done victormaletic !


Love the dedication! Thanks for everything you do, amazing ideas and amazing instructions!

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Love this idea Victor, I’ll give it a try very soon on my window with a complex ankle…tlhutch4


This is brilliant work! Just found the forum. great resource

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