My initial feedback on the cordless vacuum -

Received my cordless vacuum and after about 1 week of use, I am not sure how satisfied I am with the product. The product has some nice features such as the removal brush bar, easy to empty canister and the spin clean for the micro mesh filter.

My hesitance on recommending the vacuum is due to the motorized head being set to close the floor. We have both hardwood and LVP flooring in our home. On the LVP flooring, the vacuum will suck all the way down to the floor making it difficult to move, because it just sticks to the floor. On our hardwood it is great for dust, hair etc, but if you have cereal, rice, dog/cat food or anything larger than a few millimeters high, it just pushes it around on the floor forcing you to lift the head up to vacuum it up. Anyone else find this true?

A few other thoughts for the design team to explore might be:

  • Provide larger or higher capacity batteries. The run time if you use the High mode is goes fast. The short run time coupled with the extended charge time requires a minimum of two batteries to vacuum even a small house.

  • I saw another post mentioning the challenge inserting the battery, and I agree. I removed mine and found it somewhat cumbersome to re attach. The alignment tracks seem to require a perfect alignment to insert, versus guiding the battery and aligning as inserted.


I agree 100% with the vacuum being too close to the floor (vinyl plank floor). It does just push anything, except dust, around more like a broom than a vacuum. The suction seems good, when the dirt can get to the tube


Another initial feedback on the cordless vacuum. I am waiting on my cordless vacuum to get here but from what I have heard and seen so far the cordless vacuum needs to have a wall mount charger with snap-in and snap-out capabilities like the Moosoo cordless vacuum does. I did not see that being included with the vacuum being sent out, right?


I also agree with everyone above.
Motor head/ brush is to close to floor. Battery capacity. Trouble with battery reinsertion/alignment. Craptastic styled wall-mount where you have to still plug cord into the battery. But have any of you had a problem with the motorized brush head?
Mine comes off every time the brush head gets stuck. By stuck, i mean bathroom mat or shag rug. and occurs on all power settings. The power head is fully seated and the green retention button shows it is fully engaged. With all that, it just slides off without pressing the green button…


I get shocked on my trigger finger so that’s a bonus feature i guess. I’d give it 2 stars overall.

@PUFFDMAGIC06 I have not had an issue with the motorized brush head popping off. However, the brushed nozzle attachment constantly pops off, when trying to vacuum couch or car. Applying just moderate pressure it just falls off.

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Wall mount hardware needs to include 2" wood screws for wall stud installation. Only comes with drywall anchors/screws.

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My Cordless Vacuum arrived today. I want to thank Wyze for shipping it in its packaging box so when Fed Ex dropped it off at my door, every porch pirate in the area could see what they were getting. Real smart Wyze, you could have at least put it in a plain shipping box!

But so far my impressions of this vacuum are that it’s easy to use and light weight but the battery doesn’t last long on the Turbo setting, and the lower settings don’t pickup much dirt from my carpet. Wish it had a plug in option for heavy extended cleaning. Also, the brush bar is very low quality, the plastic just feels cheaply made. All the plastic latches I just know will break in a few years. I’m not really liking the teal trim color but I’ll get over it. Hopefully I won’t spend more time charging up this vacuum than using it, I’ll give it a week to see. But right now it’s not worth the $120 I paid for it.

My unit works great but for the battery. I have one from one of the very first shipments so maybe there was a bad batch of batteries. I get maybe 5-7 minutes on eco mode on hardwood flooring. I made a call and they are sending me a replacement battery. Well it’s backordered. Think I will stick to cameras from WYZE from now on.

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The mode button should be momentary trigger clicks 1-3 with system state memory. A longer trigger for on/off. One handed operation would be nice.

Really? Because it’s so hard to use your other hand to press the suction power button once or twice. lol

It’s called minimalistic. Why have an extra button that requires 2 hands? What about disabled people?

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You’re really going to throw the disable people card in? You can’t use that card for every product on the market. Your suggestion of making it a momentary trigger click adds more complexity to the design, which in turn costs more for Wyze and ultimately for us. I’d rather they gave us a longer lasting battery and used stronger plastics in the design.

My vacuum stopped working after two days. TOTAL JUNK. Canaster was emptied and cleaned twice including the filter then the suction just stopped. Tech support keeps asking stupid questions. THE BASKET IS CLEAN AND SO IS THE FILTER!!! The canaster and plastic housing are defective as it leakes when the canister is installed. Without it works fine. Total design junk. Sending mine back after all this waiting.

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Check the hinged lid on the bottom of the dustbin for the black rubber gasket. If you don’t see it, check your trash can.

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Could be a faulty battery, someone else here had battery issues. Does the battery display light up?

Just received the cordless vacuum yesterday. Having some of the similar issues as others, short battery life, squeaky wheels, on carpet the suction will not allow the vacuum to roll, needs to be on low suction to vacuum carpets, wall mount would be better if charger was engaged when placed on bracket. Ordered an extra battery and filters, they are supposed to be shipped mid-October. As of right now I would have a hard time recommending this product.

Hi all, I am happy and not happy to see this thread. I have the same response. We bought the vacuum to just scoop up cheerios that my kiddos drop everywhere. That’s it. But this vacuum doesn’t pick them up. I have thought about taking that front lip off and sanding it down in the middle so there is a larger area to get the bigger stuff. I realize this may reduce the suction overall, but I really only need it for this one application overall. Please reach out @WyzeShawn or anyone if you have ideas or tips.

I am considering doing the same. This past weekend spilled some dry rice on our hardwood floor. Not a big deal, I will grab the Wyze vacuum and get it up…Nope. Turns out rice grains are to large for it to pick up - RICE GRAINS are to BIG for their floor vacuum to pick up… what??. The Wyze vac did allow me to push them all in a nice pile, so I could remove the powered brush head and use the wand to suck them up.

Honestly, I was hoping someone from the Wyze team would chime in and comment they realize the current design of their motorized brush head is useless, and they will be sending out a “NEW” functional head free of charge, due to the current models extremely low floor clearance.

I returned mine after about a week. Everything about it seemed substandard - to a certain extent you get what you pay for - I get that, but I’d rather pay more for something that I’m going to be really happy with. My biggest issue was the battery life - just wanting the battery percentage drop by a point nearly every second was completely anxiety producing.