Feels like too much suction on Cordless Vacuum

Be kind, this is my first post and I’m not one who uses forums very much.
We bought the cordless vacuum during the presale knowing that that we were building a new house and would use it there(had an in-house vacuum at the old house). It took a while but we didn’t mind. Once we moved in my wife started using it and loved it! She used it on medium speed for all hardwood floors and occasionally uses the spare battery we bought. She has been using it for about 5 weeks now and all of sudden it is hard for her to push around like it is sucking down too hard. I’m a maintenance supervisor so I’ve looked for the obvious problems of a piece broken or sticking out, wheel missing, etc. She can run it on low but is worried that it wouldn’t pick up everything. She vacuums the entire house every day. We have emptied the canister several times because it really gets a lot. I searched for this unusual problem on the forum but didn’t find anything (understandably). Has anyone else had this happen to them and did they find something that I missed? Thank you in advance for any ideas or suggestions.

Turn it on and make sure the brush at the bottom is spinning. I have read that in general if those aren’t turning that often makes it hard to move the vacuum. Also, if you turn on the vacuum, start using, then disconnect the bottom part while it is running to suck up edges better, then reconnect the bottom piece, sometimes it won’t turn the brushes back on (you can also tell because the light doesn’t come on), so when you do that, it is best to power it off then power back on to make sure the brushes restart after reconnecting the bottom piece.

If it seems like that isn’t working right, you can consider calling support


I am having the same issue. I hardly use the vacuum anymore because the suction is so strong that its more work to use the vacuum than it is convenience. I can’t tell if the tiny front wheels have worn down or what the problem is. I came here to see if anyone had a solution.

I am having the same problem as described above. I have verified that the brush is spinning.

So, I called WYZE support and they kept offering solutions as if it was leaking by or something wasn’t closed. I have been doing industrial maintenance most of my career and I currently supervise a crew of mechanics at a large food plant so I had checked all the obvious things that could be mechanically wrong. WYZE stated that it was still in warranty and they are shipping a new one out and then I’ll ship our old one back to them. While I have them both, I’ll do some clearance measurements to see if I can tell what is different.

Curious if you figured this out. I’m having the same issue and just cleaned everthing, replaced the hepa filter, etc. I feel like it lost clearance and is too close to the floor. Wanting to replace the brush if i can find one. Or else the felt pad has worn down too much. Maybe a strip of furniture pad to prop it up? Thoughts?

I found the difference when I laid both the new one and the one we purchased with the preorder with only 6 weeks of actual use. I’m not sure if I know how to attach a photo but I’ll try. The head on the left is the new one and ours is on the right. You can tell that the small, front wheels are smaller in diameter and much smaller width. I don’t have a photo of ours new, but I know we couldn’t have worn them down that much and nothing we could have done would make them narrower.

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Ours was a preorder too and has the smaller wheels. I doubt they have worn down. I’m going to assume the felt padding wore down and is not allowing enough air underneath. Will experiment with stick on furniture pads today to see what changes.

I forgot to say that when I called them, they sent me a new one after offering suggestions. They sent an entire new vacuum and paid to send the old one back to them.

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Try looking at the small wheels that are at the front of the motor head. My wife is a compulsive vacuumer. Those little wheels wear out all the time on he’s. That is if they last longer than the big rear wheels. She’s always hitting things with them so they break off.