Cordless Vac initial feedback

Received the vac last night and gave it a whirl. I like the light weight aspects of the device – seems to work well. One problem area I discovered is the battery mounting design. The plastic body on the main unit does not line up well/hold the battery in place when sliding it in. I tossed the battery out twice already while vacuuming. I haven’t changed or cleared the filter yet. Will do more thorough testing tonight. I like the vac so far, but the battery thing is bugging me big time.

I’ve been getting better at removing and installing the battery. The swivel on the head unit is OK, but if it just allowed a few more degrees you could get the unit flatter to reach under tables and things easier. The vac does suck battery big time, so a single charge won’t cover the entire house. As a supplemental or specialty vacuum the unit does very well. If the plan was to use this as the primary or only vacuum, I’d recommend it for small house or apartment scenarios only where a single charge will work.

The battery life on this vacuum is BAD. Even on eco mode and hardwood floors I get only 5 maybe 8 minutes run time.

Received the cordless vac and it’s been great. I use it for a smaller space in the house and it’s perfect for it’s use. The battery on eco mode provides enough working time and suction power on eco is fine for it’s use. Jumping up to medium and high power does drain the battery considerably but I did not expect it to be a hole house vac. No complaints so far and have recommended it to others.

The vacuum is light weight and maneuverable. However, the battery life is poor: on medium the vacuum barely covers a moderately sized first floor with hardwood floors and some area rugs.

Either dramatically improve the battery life or include a spare battery as standard. Otherwise, indicate the vacuum is not intended as the primary vacuum for anything other than, say, a small apartment, specifying the estimated coverage area for each mode.