Cordless vac battery

Not sure about these batteries. The battery goes down quick when on medium setting. After I charged it I pulled the trigger a couple of times for less than 5 seconds and it went to 97%. I think the form and function of this thing is great but the battery is going to be it’s downfall. Hopefully the stand alone battery ordering will happen soon because my smallish ranch with hardwood floors is going to take two batteries on medium mode.

I agree with you. Mine runs down fairly quickly also. The only other thing I would like is the ability to turn off the brush. They have a tendency to flick debris away before the vac can suck it in on a hard floor. This true for any powered brush vac I’ve ever had. Otherwise, I think this is a nicely done machine, particularly at this price point.
Edit: Just discovered that if I turn the unit on without the tube and power brush attached, then attach the tube and power brush, the brush stays off. Turning the unit off then on again restores power to the brush.