My doorbell not working since AWS outage

All my devices came back except my doorbell camera, failed to restart, any ideas?

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Power it off and back on, turn off power to it at circuit breaker wait then turn back on

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Sorry for the trouble. If your Doorbell is still offline, please power cycle the Doorbell and the offline issue will be resolved. To power cycle your Wyze Wired Doorbell, flip the breaker, power the doorbell to its “Off” position, wait 10 full seconds, then flip the breaker switch back to the “On” position.

Can you pay for my ticket home so I can physically power-cycle?
This is unacceptable and dangerous for us all.

Now why would I pay for your ticket home?

This is a User’s forum and I am just a Wyze Cam user like yourself.

Have a neighbor turn off your main breaker then turn back on if you can’t do it. Unless your neighbors don’t like you…LOL

Option 2 hope for a power failure…:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Tell you what you can pay for a round trip ticket for me and will flip your breakers…

Edit: Maybe ask Wyze @WyzeBaohua to have your ticket paid for… But asking me is just plain ridiculous.

Another option if you have a smart meter is to have your utility company buzz the meter and cycle power if they are willing.

Option 3 - buy a different brand doorbell that actually works.

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Just got a Email to Power Cycle the Door Bell and if this does not work Setup as New device…Nice Going Wyze.

There has to be a better system than going to your breaker box, c’mon wyze this isn’t great.

Turning breaker off and then back on doesn’t work. Doorbell is still dead. I may have to break out the Harley toolkit (2 lb hammer, 5 lb hammer, and 10 lb hammer) and really “fix” it.

Mine in hardwired so no breakers. So do I go through a reset to bring my doorbell up

There has to be a breaker on the doorbell transformer, it is building and electrical code.

So my door bell tries to connect but says bad QR code.

We recently had a storm front move through with winds up to 100 mph (not exaggerating…google it), and internet was down for almost 13 hours. When it came back up, my Wyze cams came back up right away, but my Wyze thermostat (possibly on AWS servers) took about 12 hours to go back online. You might want to just wait it out for a bit.
As for power-cycling things, I have a Wyze cam, about 900 miles away, that would go offline and need to be power cycled. I have since plugged it into a Wyze plug, so I can power cycle it through the plug. I don’t know if the plugs are on a different server than the cameras, but I can send it commands, even when the camera won’t respond, until it’s power cycled.

This didn’t work for me. I have flipped the breaker 4 separate times, rebooted the router and deleted the camera. Tried to reinstall and now says qr code is wrong.

Mine is saying the same thing, I’m going to return to Home Depot and swap for a new one

Hmm…I’ve been patiently waiting for the wireless doorbell to be available again. Now I’m having second thoughts and thinking about buying something from another brand, maybe Ring or something like that.

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For those of you who have a bit of electrical circuit savvy, Here is what I did:

My 24V doorbell transformer is mounted on the side of my electrical circuit breaker box in my basement. I shut off the breaker for the transformer (which of course, powers the doorbell) and installed a simple in-line on-off switch using one of the wires connected to the transformer. In other words, with the circuit breaker off I removed one of the transformer wires, connected it to one side of the on-off switch (I used a spare rocker switch I had lying around, somewhat like the ones on floor lamps), and connected a jumper wire from the other side of the rocker switch to the transformer. Turning the switch on and off simply makes/breaks the circuit, e.g. turns the power on and off to the doorbell. Works like a charm with no need to trip the circuit breaker and turn off other loads on the circuit. So now whenever I need to power cycle my video doorbell, I just turn it on and off with the external switch. WARNING: IF YOU ARE NOT CONFIDENT PERFORMING ANY ELECTRICAL PROCEDURES YOURSELF, EITHER ASK A KNOWLEDGEABLE ACQUAINTANCE OR AN ELECTRICIAN (THE NEXT TIME HE/SHE IS OVER FIXING OR INSTALLING SOMETHING ELSE) TO PERFORM THIS 2 MINUTE TASK. IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING YOU COULD ELECTROCUTE YOURSELF, SO CAVEAT EMPTOR!!

I will pick up an inline simple switch next time I’m at the Hardware store, a much more elegant way than loosening the terminal on my doorbell transformer in the garage, then reconnecting it, and tightening it down again… :slight_smile: (which worked as well)


I plugged my doorbell transformer into a Wyze smart plug. I’ve found the plugs are more reliable and it allows me to power cycle the doorbell remotely.

Worked like a charm after the AWS outage.

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I use a smart plug from WEMO, so I be independent from Wyze to re power the Cameras.