Doorbell bug

My doorbell in my second home goes off line if the internet goes off. When the internet comes back on the doorbell stays offline. It won’t reconnect until I power cycle and reset the doorbell. That’s a two hour drive. Unacceptable. All the other Wyze cameras come back online with no problem. The doorbell does not reconnect. Please fix in the next update. Meanwhile, no front door security…:rage:


have you considered adding a wyze plug so power cycle remotely? I added one to mine, it has come in handy a few times.

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My doorbell is wired outside. I would have to add it to the transformer hot wire located in my basement.
It doesn’t happen often but when it does I have no camera on my front door

yeah, that’s where I have mine, at the transformer in the basement


I have the same complaint. Every camera should come back to “on-line” status, after a power outage, This should be a known problem by the engineers - with a plan to fix/improve the product.

Exact same issue and my power goes out at least once a week. We are three hours away every week for work…what’s the point of even having this camera?
Anyone come across any fixes yet?
Oh and also what is up with typing a response in here…the key board covers the text box when you type…did anyone test this app on Android?

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I don’t believe that this forum is monitored by WYZE (I think that it should be). When I did not get a reply - I went through tech support. 1st line tech support did an excellent job with double-speak and protecting 2nd line tech support from my question. They sent me a replacement doorbell to get me off the line. I did not get a confirmation that there was a bug fix OR if there was any sort of WYZE engineer change that fixed the problem. This is when I remind myself that I get what I pay for,

Ya, after I finally figured out how to get in contact with a person—search “returns” and finally an option to chat—they went through every single thing I already tried…reset, breaker off and on, router off and on, update software, etc. Eventually they said they would send a new one to replace it.
If this doesn’t work I guess I’ll just return it and go with a different company…it’s a shame.

The WYZE business model is integrating 3rd party technologies into their app. That puts them into a collector of mediocre devices. If their doorbell was my only camera, or if it were my only WYZE device - the decision to change would be easy for me.
Good luck with whatever you do.

The AWS problems over the past couple days caused some problems accessing and controlling my WYZE devices. Every device is now back in normal operation - except the doorbell. I will replace the doorbell with the one recently sent to me by WYZE tech support - when I get a chance.
What I learned from this - is that an interruption with communications as well as an interruption in power knocks the doorbell out. The product engineers had to know what they were doing …but a business decision was made to manufacture and sell the inferior product. I doubt, very much, that the replacement doorbell has the fix.

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I have the same doorbell problem since the AWS outage. The doorbell events are black or still frame. It just started working again on a galaxy. S20 phone, but doesn’t work on any of 3 android tablets.
None of the troubleshooting works.
But we sure have a metric ton of new Wyze devices! To bad the current ones are not working correctly.

Can you tell me the app versions on those tablets that are not working, this can be found in ‘Account’ (lower right) and then ‘About’ (at the bottom)

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Wyze app version on the phone and the Android tablets is 2.27.33

What models are the Android tablets?

Just bought a new tablet. Android 12 works, but the Android 11 only has live feed on the doorbell.